Skellefteå Airport

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Skellefteå Airport plays an increasingly important role in the development of Skellefteå.

Skellefteå Airport plays a crucial role in Skellefteå's continued growth and development. To meet the demand from business and private travelers, the airport invests in developing and finding sustainable solutions for the future of flying.

A growing tourism industry and more inhabitants in the municipality require the development of traffic systems and communications. Effective solutions are needed that connect Skellefteå with the rest of Sweden and the world. Business and private travelers who travel to, from and through Skellefteå will demand a comprehensive solution that takes into account different modes of transport. Being able to easily and time-efficiently change modes of transportation will also be crucial for the sustainable development of both the environment and the business community.

As people opt for longer and more direct air travel, Skellefteå Airport will review the need for accessibility for more, larger and more environmentally friendly aircraft.

Skellefteå Airport

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