Borrowing terms

The terms written in this document apply to Skelleteå Campus Library, Luleå University Library, The Library of Music & Media in Piteå, hereafer referred to as the University Library.

Patron and Library Account

In order to borrow an item (e.g. a book), a library account is required. A library account is provided to adults, from the age of 18 years, who can show a valid identification document and provide correct
contact details. The patron takes responsibility that up-to-date and correct contact details are registered at the University Library. The owner of a library account (i.e. the patron) agrees, by using the library account, to comply with the latest published borrowing terms.

Managing Loans

The owner of a library account is personally and economically responsible for all items that are registered in the library account until the loan(s) are returned and deregistered at the University Library. Holds can be collected and loans issued for the benefit of another patron presenting the identification document of the patron issuing the loan. Loans shall be returned to the University Library on time and in the same condition when borrowed. The loan times apply also to patrons travelling or taken sick. The patron has the responsibility to know the lending times that apply to his/her loans. The University Library is not required to post reminders to the patron.

Damages, Fees, Invoicing and Debt Collection

Damaged (notes, underlines, and highlights are also considered damages) or lost items shall be replaced by the patron either through paying the applicable fees or by acquiring a replacement item after consultation with the University Library staff. For certain items, an overdue fee is stipulated according to a current price list. The fees are registered in the patron library account and all future loans are blocked until the fine is settled. The patron is liable for payment of any additional costs relating to fine collection and juridical assistance. The University Library owns the right to expel any patron that does not comply with University Library regulations, does not pay outstanding fines, or demonstrates a disturbing behavior.

Processing of Personally Identifiable Information

The General Data Protection Regulation “Dataskyddsförordningen” (EU) 2016/679 regulates the processing of personally identifiable information, and the aim is to give the individuals increased control of their personal information.

The reason for processing personal information is to be able to run the University Library’s operations.

The University Library needs to process personally identifiable information about you, such as borrower number, personal identity number (personnummer), name, e-mail address, address, phone number, mobile phone number, gender, patron category, date registered, outstanding loans, and certain history of activity. Your records are kept at the University Library until you decide to terminate your account or until two years have passed since your previous loan.

Registered information pertaining to the loan of an individual, the hold request of an individual, a loan request by the individual, and the use of information technology by the individual, is subject to regulations of confidentiality as stipulated in chapter 40 § 3 of offentlighets- och sekretesslagen (2009:400).

The University Library has received your personally identifiable information from you, and in some cases from the national student administration system LADOK and the central university user catalogue. Your personally identifiable information registered at the University Library will not be shared with third parties but will be used in-house at the University to run the library. Your personally identifiable information will be shared with third parties only when subject to legislative requests. We will not share your records with any country outside the European Union/EES.

You are entitled to contact the University Library to request a correction, transfer, processing restrictions, or to ask for deletion of your information. You can also contact the University Library to file a concern. This is preferably done by contacting the University at the University Library home page or via the switchboard (+46-920-491000).

The Data controller is Luleå University of Technology. You can reach the data protection officer at email Should you have concerns towards our processing of your personally identifiable information you are entitled to file a complaint to the data protection authority tillsynsmyndigheten Integritetsskyddsmyndigheten (f.d. Datainspektionen).

The borrower terms are ratified by Kristoffer Palage, Library Director, 25 May 2018


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