What if I have forgotten to return a book or have lost borrowed material? Here you will find most of the Campus Library's prices and fees. Otherwise, please contact the staff for information.

Copies from other libraries: SEK 50 per item*
Copy with price over SEK 200: SEK 100

Loans from libraries within Sweden: free of charge
Loans from libraries outside Sweden: SEK 200 per loan.

Staff at Campus Skellefteå
Copies and loans: free of charge

Standard outside SIS agreement: according to invoice

* An article refers to 1-20 pages. Articles with more than 20 pages have double the price.

Course literature (loan period 14 days) that is returned too late: 50 SEK per book. Additional 50 SEK if the book is not returned/renewed. You can pay the late fee by credit card or Swish in the library, contact the staff. You can also pay online via My Library Account.

Fees are added as a debt to the library account. The account is completely blocked until the fee is paid and the debt is removed.

My library account External link.

Replacement fee for lost/damaged books: 800 SEK per book.

If a book is not returned, we consider it lost. The replacement cost is then 800 SEK per title and is added to the library account. This is the same cost for all types of books and materials. The amount will be removed from the account if the material is returned. You will still have to pay any overdue fees.

Fees are added as a debt to the library account. The account is blocked until the fee is paid. You can pay your debt online via My Library Account or at the library's information desk by card or Swish.

Replacement options

You can buy a replacement copy after consulting the library staff.

The library sells copy cards and various office supplies. Contact the library for information on the range and prices.

Terms and conditions

To use library services and resources, you must have a library account. You can get one if you are of legal age and can show proof of identity. By getting a library account, you agree to follow our terms and conditions and if you do not follow them, your account will be blocked. You must notify us if you move, change your email address or similar. Always take your ID with you when you visit the library. If someone else is going to do your library business, they must have your login details or your ID with them. You are responsible for your account and what you borrow here. This means, among other things, that you may not dirty, write in or otherwise damage what you have borrowed from the library.

What the library lends has different loan periods. When you borrow, you should always take a receipt. The receipt tells you the date you have to return what you borrowed. You can log in to your account via our website to check the return date, or ask the staff. You are responsible for returning your items on time. The library is not obliged to send reminders. If what you want to borrow is damaged - tell the staff before borrowing.

If you re-borrow, you can keep what you have borrowed for longer, but not if someone else has made a reservation.

Return what you have borrowed by the date on your receipt. Books should be returned to the library's return shelf.

If you return the item late, you will have to pay a fee. Your receipt will show the return date and you can also log in to "My library account" to check the date or ask the staff. The library will send you requests when your loan period is over as an extra service, but we cannot guarantee this and it is always your responsibility to know the return date. If the loans are still not returned, you will have to pay an even higher fee. The library will send you an invoice. If you have lost or damaged what you borrowed, you will have to pay for it. If you have an unpaid fee, you cannot use your library account.

Go to the page Price list for current fees

A personal user account for students is required to use the library computers. If you do not have a user account, please contact the library staff or the Campus Helpdesk for more information.

Processing of personal data may occur in library activities. The Personal Data Act applies (SFS 1998:204). Information about an individual's loan, reservation or other form of order is protected by secrecy according to Chapter 9, Section 22 of the Secrecy Act (SFS 1980:100, SFS 1989:713).

These conditions are subject to change. You must keep yourself informed of any changes. The terms and conditions are available in the library and here on our website.


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