Reading adaptation

If you are a student and have a reading disability, we can help you with your course literature. This also applies if you are studying remotely.

You can get help if you have

  • dyslexia
  • a neuropsychiatric disability such as autism, ADHD.
  • visual or hearing impairment
  • physical disabilities
  • temporary reading disability due to illness or injury.

Read more about using recorded course literature on the Legimus website under the tab Student.
Anna Bodén is the contact person at the Campus Library.

Go to the Legimus website External link.
E-mail contact person for questions and appointment/registration:

The library helps you

  • Making an appointment to register with the Legimus service so that you can download your books with text and/or audio. You can then read them directly in the Legimus web player, via the Legimus app on your mobile or tablet, or downloaded to your computer.
  • Order compulsory course books that have not been studied before.


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