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The port is growing to meet future needs for transport and logistics services

The Port of Skellefteå is being developed to accommodate more and larger transports, to meet the needs of Skellefteå's growing business sector.

Skellefteå Municipality is investing 700 million SEK in Port of Skellefteå over the next few years. Parts of the seabed are being excavated and the plan is to make it possible for 250-meter-long ships to enter the port. In connection with the quay, there are also plans to create an industrial area for new establishments. The land areas on the north side of the port area will increase and new storage areas and warehouse solutions will be built.

A larger and deeper port also benefits the environment. Long transports on land, from industries and sawmills, for example, can be avoided as the goods are instead shipped in the local area.

At the same time, the port is a transport hub for different modes of transport, by ships, trains, trucks and planes.

Investments in new technology are also being made; one of the world's first fully electric cranes has been in place since 2022. In addition to being powered by electricity, it can handle heavy loads and has a long-range, allowing it to reach across the width of large ships.

The municipality's investments in the port area are financed at 50 procent by the EU's regional development fund.

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