Central city welcomes more people

In the future, there will be a lot of construction in the city center because there is room for more people. We are also continuing our efforts to create a vibrant and accessible city center with a wide and varied range of shops, cafés and restaurants.

Of course, it should be easy to get to and from the city and easy to move around in the center. Pedestrian and bicycle traffic will therefore continue to be prioritized.

In-depth master plan for the central city

Projects in the area

Projects in the area

About Central city

The Central City district consists of the area between the railway in the north and Skråmträskvägen in the south, and between Lasarettsvägen in the west and Viktoriagatan in the east. The area north of the river is Centrum and the area south of the river Karlgård.

The northern part of Centrum is characterized by large open spaces in the blocks with a mix of old industrial premises, residential buildings and offices. The railway and the temporary bus station for regional traffic are located here. Next to the travel center, in the Perseus block, is Sara kulturhus (Cultural Center).

Further south in Centrum is the part of Central City that has the most trade, services and offices. The area consists largely of the buildings that were planned when Skellefteå was founded in 1845. The area has a typical grid structure with blocks that are 100 meters wide and most streets are 12 meters wide. The area includes Guldtorget, which connects to the Cultural Center in the north and to the City Park and the river bank in the south.

Skellefteälven, the river, flows through the district from west to east and separates the district into two parts. For relaxation and recreation, the river is a valuable part of the district and constitutes a recreational area, both in winter and summer. On the north bank, east of Parkbron's fortress, there is Bryggarbacken with wooden bridges and stairs down to the river, and further east there is an activity area with, among other things, a playground and social areas. The outlet of Boströmsbäck is now visible before it reaches the river, which has enhanced the experience of both the stream and the promenade.

Southwest of the river we find one of the oldest preserved houses in Skellefteå from the 17th century, Karlgård. To the east is Campus Skellefteå with education from Luleå University of Technology and Umeå University. There are also several companies, a number of other courses and a sports hall. The area has more greenery than other parts of the district. Here, single-family houses are mixed with apartment buildings and offices. Because of Parkbrons central location, the area currently has a high proportion of traffic from both the west and the east, heading north to the city center. South of Parkbrons landfall, Södertorg is central to the area.