July 26 - Bjuröklubb

A full-day excursion to Bjuröklubb 40 km south of Skellefteå. Bjuröklubb is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Skellefteå municipality. There is both a lighthouse station with a café and restaurant, an old fishing camp with a small chapel, hiking trails, rocky outcrops by the sea and large sandy beaches.

Bring clothes according to the weather, good shoes and swimwear.

We offer a simpler barbeque but there is also food and coffee to buy.

Cost 120kr including transport.

Pick up

10.00 Away

10.20 from tourist office


10.45 from Camp Ursviken

Please send me a message where you want to be pick up.

Sign up or ask questions at:

stefan.vallgren@skelleftea.se or Reception Away or Reception Camp Ursviken.


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