There are many ways to feel good in Skellefteå. Here you live far away from the stress of big cities but still close to everything. The service is well developed and there are many options. It is simply a little easier to live here. Welcome to Skellefteå Municipality!

The municipality is responsible for such things as childcare, schools and care of the elderly. The municipality looks after the water supply and wastewater treatment; it manages the streets, waste disposal, street cleaning, environmental protection and fire prevention. We also have libraries and we ensure that you have access to various activities during your leisure time. And we do many other things.

  • Newcomer needs for an active life in focus

    The department for culture and leisure at Skellefteå municipality is now conducting a survey among those who have recently moved to Skellefteå. The aim is to get a better understanding of the newcomers needs for them to be able to live an active life, and also find out how to communicate what’s on offer in a way that will reach our new citizens.
  • Children's Culture Day 18 May

    Children's Culture Day is a day full of activities for children and young people and their adults. See program program below.
  • Apply for a Cultural Council working grant

    You are now welcome to apply for the Culture Committee's working grant for spring 2024. The application must be received by the Culture Committee by 1 April.
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