There are many ways to feel good in Skellefteå. Here you live far away from the stress of big cities but still close to everything. The service is well developed and there are many options. It is simply a little easier to live here. Welcome to Skellefteå Municipality!

The municipality is responsible for such things as childcare, schools and care of the elderly. The municipality looks after the water supply and wastewater treatment; it manages the streets, waste disposal, street cleaning, environmental protection and fire prevention. We also have libraries and we ensure that you have access to various activities during your leisure time. And we do many other things.

  • Digital tutorial - Drop-in

    Want to get started with e-books, read newspapers or watch a movie on your phone for free from home? Come to the City Library's drop-in for one-on-one tutoring.
  • Apply for the Cultural Council's production grant

    Does your association want to create a production where members participate? Maybe try something completely new or immerse yourself in an art form? The deadline for applications is April 1
  • A new exhibition in the Meijer collection opens in connection with the Christmas market on 10/12 2023. The exhibition shows parts of Sture Meijer's donation to Skellefteå municipality where motifs of people and landscapes are highlighted.
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