Klara: offering support to young people between 13 and 25 years of age and their families

Klara is a centre that offers support to young people between 13 and 25 years of age, their parents and families.

At times, being young can be a struggle and a challenge. As a parent, guiding a young person can be a wonderful experience, but it can also be a daunting one. All families may find themselves facing difficulties at some point and need help to change.

This is Klara:

  • Klara is an outpatient clinic offering support and therapy to young people between 13 and 25 years of age and their families.
  • Klara’s goal is to work with young people and their families to identify solutions that reinforce relationships and benefit the development of the young person.
  • You can apply for support via your social services case officer. Details are available further down the page.
  • Our work will be based on the assignment agreed between you and your social worker. Our assistance is individually tailored, based on the needs and wishes of you and your family.

What support can Klara offer?

We are here for you if you have problems or concerns about issues such as family relationships, socialisation, absenteeism from school, violence, addiction or other things that can throw day-to-day family life into chaos. We work with the individual and with the family as a whole.

How does family therapy work?

Family discussions are all about overcoming whatever obstacles are making one or more members of the family feel bad. Together with the young person and their family, we set clear goals for change and provide the tools to achieve them. Individual discussions may sometimes be necessary in order to understand the young person’s situation in its entirety, and to reinforce the adults in their parental role.

  • Our starting point is the resources available to the family. We support relationships and communication and reinforce the parental role.
  • The focal point is always the needs of the young person.
  • Meetings are held at Klara’s clinic or in the home. We will meet regularly, usually once a week.
  • If necessary, we will collaborate with other organisations, such as a school or Region Västerbotten. One of the most important things we do is to work with young people with problematic absenteeism from school.

Our Reinforced Foster Care team works with young people and their families when the young person is placed in a foster home. Learn more about this further down the page.

How do we work with substance abuse?

Everyone who comes to Klara with an alcohol or drug problem is offered individually tailored therapy, including a certain amount of family support. We work closely with other instances, such as psychiatric care and the Swedish Public Employment Service.

An initiative may include:

  • Motivational talks.
  • Mapping life situation and habits.
  • Support before, during and after therapy to ensure a drug-free existence.
  • Cannabis Withdrawal Programme, 20 meetings over a six week period. There are also shorter programmes for incipient cannabis addiction, in which both the young person and parents participate.
  • Relapse prevention to support continued abstinence from alcohol and drugs.

Are group activities available?

Yes, indeed, there are also group activities for young people.

Many families suffer from substance abuse problems. Would you like to meet other young people in your situation? We meet in groups once a week. It is free of charge and we have a duty of confidentiality. You will learn more about substance abuse and what you can do to protect your own wellbeing. The most important thing is to understand that it is not your fault.

Like to know more? Contact us at Ungdomshälsan!
You can reach us via Customer Services on 0910 73 50 00 or emailing us at ungdomshalsan@skelleftea.se

Foster homes

There is always an adult home in a foster home. You will receive positive feedback to help you maintain daily routines. Foster parents receive regular training and receive expert guidance.

Family discussion

While you are in foster care, you and your parents will meet once a week at Klara’s outpatient clinic. These discussions are intended to strengthen the relationship between you and your parents. Together, we will work towards clear change goals so that you can either move back home or to a place of your own.

The roles of the social worker and coordinator

The social worker refers young people to reinforced foster care. The social worker will prepare a care plan for change work in the foster home and is responsible for ensuring that the plan is followed.

During the placement, a coordinator maintains close contact with the foster home, the young person and the parents. The coordinator also arranges joint meetings with other stakeholders, such as the young person’s school. Every three months, the coordinator will invite all involved to a meeting to evaluate progress and plan ahead.

Who will you meet with at Klara?

Depending on what kind of help you need, we have an experienced team of social workers and treatment assistants. We mainly work during office hours. We have a duty of confidentiality. Contacting Klara is voluntary and free of charge.

Ask for support or learn more about Klara

If you need our help, you can either use the municipality’s e-service to apply for support or call the municipality’s Customer Service on 0910 73 50 00, press 1 for social support and welfare.

If you would like to learn more, please contact Klara. You can reach us via Customer Service as above, or by emailing us at klara@skelleftea.se

Our office is located at Kanalgatan 77 in central Skellefteå.

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