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Handens hus is located in the Nordanå area and is a forum for handicrafts in Skellefteå.

About Handens hus
The guiding principle of Handens hus is quality. Constant development of materials, techniques and forms is a prerequisite for the survival of newly produced crafts and handicrafts. Here, meetings take place between practitioners, between past and present, and between old and young.

Children's activities, craft meetings and activity days are organized at Handens hus. A municipal handicraft consultant employed half-time runs the activities.

Handens hus is located in the old farm building on the western side of the Nordanå area. It is located in the same building as Lanthandeln, entrance from the back.
It is an old house, to find out more about the accessibility adaptation,
contact the handicraft consultant, via customer service 0910-73 50 00 or kundtjanst@skelleftea.se.

Handens hus - Spring 2024

On craft evenings, we craft with the evening's theme as inspiration.
Tools are available to borrow and materials for the evening's theme are included. If you want to, you can bring your own tools and materials.
The evenings are suitable for anyone who is curious about crafts, but children under 13 years of age must always be accompanied by
an adult. The evenings are adapted for adults. No registration.

Fee: It costs SEK 50 per evening for materials and coffee.


6 February Embroid on woolen fabrics
With shapes, cut in fabric, and free stitches, you embroider your own embroidery.

20 Februari Clip in paper
With inspiration from images on greeting cards and memory cards, you can cut your own card in paper.
Feel free to bring your own small scissor.

5 March Multicolored crochet
We crochet in wool, inspired by the fur bands from Västerbotten.

19 March Carve
Carving in fresh hardwood.

16 April Lace making
Make your own bracelet.

14 May Carve a hiking stick
You can carve your own hiking stick, that can be a support on summer hikes.

28 May Embroider different stitches
The stitches shape how the embroidery will turn out.

11 June Tie a brush
Tie a brush to the kitchen, bathroom or perhaps to clean with.
In order for us to know that the material is sufficient, it is registration for this evening.
Sign up here:
simplesignup.se/event/212606 External link, opens in new window.

Textilfest in Skellefteå
Saturday 13 April
Fair at Folkets park at 11.00-16.00
Textile evening at Nordanå Theater at 19.00

Sunday 14 April
Workshops at Medlefors folkhögskola
Information about tickets and booking:
www.textilfest.wordpress.com External link, opens in new window.

Embroider happy stitches at the library in Lövånger
Friday 17 May at 14.00-16.00

Children´s culture day at Nordanå
Saturday 18 May
Craft workshop and lots of other activities for children.
Read more in upcoming information at: skelleftea.se/kultur External link, opens in new window.

Linen for life
4 - 24 April
Vernissage Thursday 4 April at 17.00
11 April at 18.00-20.00 Embroider linen on linen
18 April at 18.00-20.00
Care of linen

Stadsbiblioteket, Sara kulturhus

Textile Festival 2024

April 13 - 14, 2024
More information, see:
www.textilfest.wordpress.com External link, opens in new window.

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