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Läsligan's ambition is to help young people aged 9 to 14 understand the importance and appeal of reading, without it having to compete with sport and school. Good reading skills not only make it easier at school, they also create flexible and open individuals and faster brains, which is important in all sports.

It has long been known that physical activity improves our health and learning. Just as it is important for children and young people to be active, creating a good foundation for good physical fitness, it is equally important to be an active reader. Good reading skills and comprehension not only make it easier at school, it also creates flexible and open individuals and faster brains, which is important in all sports and in society at large.

Sports leaders, coaches and elite athletes are important role models for many children and young people. It may be during training that they feel most confident and where they are most receptive to guidance. With Reading League's help, these adults can help create positive attitudes towards reading among children and young people.

The importance of reading and training more skills than just the sport-specific ones could also be part of the attraction to get more young people to train further up in age. Or maybe even be a reason or gateway to becoming interested in movement and sport?

With Läsligan's help, sports leaders and coaches can easily contribute to creating positive attitudes towards reading among active people. As a member of the Reading League, you will receive, among other things:

  • Tips on reading promotion exercises to do during a training session.
  • Borrow book trolleys full of fun and exciting children's and youth books to take to camps, matches, etc.
  • Meet reading sports profiles who tell you what reading has meant to them.
  • Listen to exciting and topical authors who share their own experiences.
  • Opportunity to win the Reading League Prize! We will select two winners who will win SEK 10 000 each.

With the Läsligan Prize, we want to encourage a person, association or organization that works to encourage sporting children and young people to read more. The Läsligan Prize was established in 2019 and is awarded once a year. The prize money is a total of SEK 20,000 and since 2022 has been divided between two winners.

The winners are chosen by a jury consisting of:

  • Anneli Lundqvist, store manager Akademibokhandeln.
  • Annelie Nilsson, operations manager RF-SISU Västerbotten
  • Johanna Salo, sports journalist Norran
  • Linda Fredriksson, board member Skellefteå konståkning (winner Läsliganpriset 2021)
  • Mikke Ejrevi, Head of Culture and Library Department, Skellefteå Municipality (Chairman)

The jury is currently working to select the winners of the Läsligan Prize 2022.

Applications and nominations for the Läsligan Prize 2023 will open shortly. Keep an eye out here!

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Click on the links below for information on previous winners.

2021: Skellefteå Figure Skating External link, opens in new window.

2020: Skellefteå Baseball Softball U9-U12 External link, opens in new window.

2019: Viktor Agnarsson, Skellefteå tennis club External link, opens in new window.

Click on the videos below to watch interviews with Anna Burström and Viktor Agnarsson, winners of the Reading League Prize 2020 and 2019 respectively.

Reading Bingo - a fun way to read!

Reading makes for faster brains - this is important in all sports. What you read is less important. Choose what's fun - novels, non-fiction or newspapers. Move and tick! Everyone who finishes the bingo gets a medal.

Läsligan was launched in 2014 by Skellefteå municipality and the communications agency Henson. The project was inspired by the international PISA report from that year, which showed that Swedish young people are reading less and less. Unfortunately, the PISA reports of recent years indicate a downward trend, as does the report Ungar & medier 2021 from the Swedish Media Council.

Too little reading leads to poorer reading comprehension and poorer school results. This in turn leads to fewer choices in adulthood. We want to and can change this together.

Läsligan cooperates with libraries, bookstores, associations, sports profiles and other actors within Skellefteå municipality.

Are you interested in knowing more? Send an email to lasliganpriset@gmail.com

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