Cycling routes

In Skellefteå municipality there are many destinations that you can cycle to and from. In addition, there are challenging mountain bike trails of different levels for those who want excitement and adventure.

The right of public access

Nature is open and accessible to all. This means that you are allowed to be in nature if you show consideration and do not disturb or destroy it.

Many of us spend time in nature, so please take care of each other and nature!

Cycling routes in Lövånger

In Lövånger there are six different cycling trails to choose from with varying lengths and experiences.

In Lövånger you will find six cycling trails of different lengths and with many experiences. Of course, they can also be followed on foot, it just takes a bit longer. Check out the links to the maps below!

Brown Trail, Bölerundan - 18 km
External link.
During this tour you will find several nice resting places, detours to the sea and proximity to the Gärdefjärden nature reserve.

Black trail, Blackerundan - 28 km External link.
Detours to the sea, many nice villages and forest roads can be found on the black trail. Mountain bike recommended.

Orange trail, Seletrundan - 7 km External link.
The village of Selet is a historically important village and there are several signs describing its history.

Green Trail, Broträskrundan - 17 km
External link.
If you choose the Green Trail, you will follow flower-lined roads during the summer. Here you can also make a detour to the ancient monuments on Hötjärnsberget.

Blue trail, Munkvikenrundan - 16 km External link.
Here you follow parts of the old medieval road and enjoy beautiful views by the sea. Don't miss the nice detour to the viewpoint at Tultret.

Red trail, Klössandsrundan - 21 km External link.
The trail passes near a couple of nice fishing lakes, a nature reserve and a nice sea bath.
A bike with wide tyres is best here.

Information sheets with all the cycling trails in Lövånger can be found here. , 1.1 MB.


Cycling on Vitberget

Cycling on Vitberget

Cycling responsibly - adapting to nature

Feel free to cycle on the Vitberg area's special mtb trails or off-road cycling areas, which are Vitbergsleden, Klippleden and Skellefteå Bike Arena.

Please avoid cycling along the following two hiking trails that are also in the area. The Nature Trail and the eastern section of the Mineral Trail, from the Vitberget electric light trail to the old Kågevägen,

Cycle with care. Please avoid cycling over sensitive soil types. Examples are rock outcrops with mosses and lichens, soft meadows, bogs and marshes

On other existing trails in the area, walkers always have the right of way, so please reduce your speed.

There are many of us in nature, so please take care of each other and nature!

Thank you for your consideration.

Skellefteå Bike Arena is located at Vitbergsvallen. The main operator of this cycling facility is Skellefteå AIK cykel.

You can also go mountain biking in Bygdsiljumbacken External link..

7 tips for destinations by bike!

  • Boviken's sea bath is located about a mile from Skellefteå city centre. Here you can swim, play volleyball and just relax.
  • The Nordanå cultural area is located in central Skellefteå by the river. Here you will find a popular playground, Skellefteå museum, cultural activities, a café and a swimming pond.
  • Rovön is a nice hiking area near central Skellefteå with varied nature.
  • Tuvagården in Tuvan is a nice excursion destination with a restaurant near the river, play facilities, a BMX track in the woods and peace and quiet.
  • The old Varuträsk road is ideal for a bike ride. The road, which passes through beautiful surroundings, takes you to the Varuträsk wilderness mine, among other places.
  • Falkträsket is a nice destination for a bike ride with great swimming opportunities. If you continue past Falkträsket and turn off towards Flocktjärn, you will find a nice rest area.
  • Lilla Kågerundan is a 13.5 km trip. You start at Kåge boat harbour and cycle through Kåge. Feel free to stop and enjoy the Kåge River at the bridge. Then cycle on around Kågemarken and experience the countryside. The cycle tour then leads back to Kåge boat harbour.
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