Booking of the Vitberget area

The Vitberg area is a very popular area for various forms of sports and outdoor activities. We therefore want associations and other players to book their activities, training sessions, competitions and events.

This means better conditions for your activities, a greater sense of security and that we can plan and avoid major events occurring at the same time in the area. It is also so that staff can plan and carry out machine work, piste machine operation and maintenance of the exercise trails and other areas all year round as efficiently as possible.

Here's your instructions:
Send in your association's plans for activities, training, competitions, or events, complete with dates, times, and locations, to
You can reserve spots in a variety of areas, including Vitbergsbacken, the children's slope, the ski stadium, the outdoor gym, the obstacle course, and the artificial snow trail. Keep in mind that having a reservation doesn't guarantee exclusive use of the area, as Vitberget remains open to the public. If your event is on a larger scale, we'd like to hear about it too, as it might impact other activities in the vicinity.

You can check out the calendar here. External link.

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