Cross country skiing

There are many opportunities for skiing in the municipality of Skellefteå. Within the central city, more than 40 km of ski trails are managed by Skellefteå Municipality, and if you add the trails in the service villages that are managed by associations, the figure is more than 120 km of ski trails.

Ski trails in Skellefteå

The trails in the city centre are run by the municipality, with the exception of Anderstorp's exercise trail run by IFK Anderstorp and Sunnanå's light trail run by Sunnanå SK. The ski tracks outside the town centre are run by associations.

At Skellefteå Skidstadion it is possible to change and shower in Skellefteå Skidklubb's clubhouse / service building 3 on the site.
Opening hours Monday - Sunday 06.00 - 22.00.

If you need to roll your skis, there is a roll shed east of the Skellefteå Ski Club clubhouse. Room number 2 is open to the public.

Good to know!

During the winter season, walking, running, ride a bike or walking a dog on prepared ski trails is not allowed according to the local regulations. Walking on the ski tracks can also cause unnecessary accidents and sand and gravel can follow the tracks, causing skis to break.

Try the Winter Walk instead.

Thank you for your consideration!

Rent skiis

HYRAS cross country skis or Skellefteå skidklubb has what you need for your ski trip.

Rent skiis from HYRAS here External link.

Rent skiis from Skellefteå skidklubb here External link.

At the pistol shooting range, on the north side of Vitberget, artificial snow has been stored under shavings since last year. By the end of October, the trail is usually usable. The 1.7-kilometre trail opens up the possibility of starting cross-country skiing extra early and extending the winter season.

It is free for children and young people up to the age of 18. For others we charge a trail fee.

You have three choices

  1. Day pass 50 SEK
  2. Weekly pass 150 SEK
  3. Season ticket 500 SEK

You can pay by bank transfer to 123 371 99 94. Write the fee in the message.
You can also buy track tickets at Eddahallen or at Skellefteå Camping.

Booked times
On Tuesdays and Thursdays from 18.00 to 19.30, the ski clubs' youth activities train on the artificial snow track. Other times are open to the public.

Random checks will be carried out by inspectors from the ski clubs.

There is also an artificial snow track at the ski stadium on Vitberget which is approximately 2.3 kilometres long, this will open later in the season.

Association-run ski trails
LocationResponsible associationTrack lengthMap
Skellefteå centre
IFK Anderstorp
2,5 kmMap External link.
Bergsbyn SK
2,7 kmMap External link.
BjurforsThe Bjurfors Outdoor Association2,5 kmMap External link.
BolidenBoliden SK3,5 kmMap External link.
BureåBureå IF4,3 kmMap External link.
BurträskBurträsk SK
5,0 kmMap External link.
BygdsiljumAssociation Bygdsiljumsbacken2,5 kmMap External link.
ByskeByske SK3,0 kmMap External link.
DrängsmarkDrängsmarks IF
2,5 kmMap External link.
ErsmarkThe Kågedalen Outdoor Association
4,3 kmMap External link.
FällforsFällfors IF
2,6 km
Map External link.
GummarkGummark Sports Club
3,2 km
Map External link.
The Hjoggböle Outdoor Association
2,6 km
Map External link.
Innervik village association
3,2 km
Map External link.
JörnSK Järven
5,3 km
Map External link.
Örnvingens SK
4,0 km
Map External link.
The Kågedalen Outdoor Association
2,8 km
Map External link.
LjusvattnetLjusvattnet Outdoor Association
3.0 km
Map External link.
LövångerThe outdoor association Lövånger
2,5 km
Map External link.
Medle SK
2,5 km
Map External link.
MissenträskMissenträsk IF
1,7 km
Map External link.
MjödvattnetMjödvattnets IF
2,7 km
Map External link.
OstvikOstvik/Drängsmark IK
2,2 km
Map External link.
Renströms IK
2,8 km
Map External link.
The outdoor association Ö Kågedalen
2,5 km
Map External link.
Outdoors promotion Skelleftehamn
4,3 / 7,2 km
Map External link.
Skellefteå Canoe Club
3,3 km
Map External link.
Varuträsk Outdoor Association
2,5 km
Map External link.
Sunnanå Sports Club
2,6 km
Map External link.

Here you can see the status of the ski trails, ice rinks and sledding hills in central Skellefteå. This will help you to stay up to date and be the first on the newly prepared trails, on the freshly groomed ice rinks or in the sledding hill.

How to use the web map:

  • Open the map. External link.
  • In the "Filter" menu you can choose the area to display, "Vitberget" or "East of town".
  • Once you have selected the area, you can then choose which track you want to see, make your choice in the menu and press the "View" button.
  • You can also choose to see all tracks with track status in a list by clicking on the "See tracks in table" button.

Another form of skiing is touring. Instead of following prepared ski tracks, you choose your own way out into nature. Visit a barbecue area, a place with some extra natural beauty or find a south-facing slope where you can sit down and just enjoy the sun. And you don't have to worry about not finding your way back - you just follow your own tracks back home.

Map of ski trails

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