When you are in Skellefteå, you are in a snowmobile community with about 170 Swedish miles of individual snowmobile trails that can take you virtually anywhere in the municipality!

Skellefteå is home to many people who enjoy snowmobiling in the winter. Both those who see snowmobiling as an enjoyable leisure activity with family and friends and those who dedicate themselves wholeheartedly to snowmobiling as a sport. Skellefteå has produced world, European, Nordic and Swedish champions in snowmobile cross. In addition, the editorial office of the nationwide magazine Snowmobile is located here in Skellefteå.

Good to know!

There are no trails over water

A snowmobile trail formally always ends at the shore of a watercourse or lake, even if there are markings and signs. CROSSING ON ICE is always at your own risk.

This means that you must ensure that the ice is passable where you are going. We recommend that you check with the local snowmobile association before going out on the ice.

A tip: Visit the association's Facebook page and check the status of the trails. Feel free to ask questions about trails and ice quality. You'll usually get quick answers and tips!



Give your support to the snowmobile clubs

Keeping all those miles of snowmobile trails going takes a lot of work. This is possible thanks to the extensive, and largely voluntary, work of the non-profit snowmobile clubs here in the municipality.

Thanks to their fantastic work in maintaining and signposting trails, in winter you can get almost anywhere in the municipality using your snowmobile.

So if you use and appreciate snowmobile trails, we think you should buy a membership card at a snowmobile club near you!

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