Skellefteå kraft arena - for organisers

Skellefteå Kraft Arena has hosted Jesus Christ Superstar, Melodifestivalen and Euro Mine Expo, among others. As an organiser, you can be confident that we will help you make your event a success.

Skellefteå Kraft Arena has been lucky enough to host everything from sporting and cultural events to trade fairs, congresses, meetings and fantastic artists.

Here at Skellefteå Kraft Arena, there are all kinds of opportunities for concerts, conferences, congresses and meetings of all sizes. School, parquet or boardroom - choose the one that suits you.

Contact Rinkside External link. for more information about conferences, meetings and restaurant visits.

  • Stage entertainment
  • Conference and congress
  • Product launch
  • Trade fair and exhibition
  • Dinner and dance
  • Large entrance hall with possibility of various events,
    exhibitions or similar
  • A-hall, B-hall and C-hall, curling hall and athletics hall
  • Restaurant, sports bar, gold bar and kiosks
  • Conference room
  • Changing rooms
  • Event-specific loading and unloading

The A-hall in Skellefteå Kraft Arena can accommodate 5,801 spectators at ice hockey games. The nearly 4,200 seats consist of comfortable, bunched chairs. Depending on the nature of the event, this can be supplemented with flooring and chairs on the ice. The floor area is 60 x 30 metres.

A standard seating arrangement of approximately 4,000 seats has been made for shows and similar events. The numbered pitch is also entered in the Ticnet ticketing system. Seating and the number of audience seats must always be agreed with the stadium manager before the ticket is released. The arena does not have an existing spectator cloakroom, but a temporary solution for approximately 1,000 hangers can be hired in consultation with the arena manager.

A media cube hangs from the ceiling in the middle of the arena, the height from floor to cube is 6.25 metres and the arena's nose height is about 20 metres. Please note that it cannot be adjusted or moved. Any anchoring to the ceiling should be consulted with the arena manager.

Power supply is adapted for events and is distributed over a number of points. The organiser is responsible for the cabling. If additional power is required, an additional charge will be made.

The organiser is responsible for the security of the event and is responsible for the appointment of competent security officers as required by the Licensing Authority. Security companies may be proposed by the venue manager.

Skellefteå Municipality is responsible for fire safety and will appoint a fire officer and fire organisation depending on the size of the event.

First aiders are available.


SEK 30 per ticket sold, with a minimum of SEK 50 000 per day of the event. The organiser reports the number of tickets sold after the event has ended.

Hall A as exhibition hall

25 000 SEK/day

Hall B

7 000 SEK/day

Hall C


Curling hall

5 000 SEK/day

Athletics hall

7 000 SEK/day

Exhibition area entrance level

7 500 SEK/day

Moving in and out day, half price.

The rental of Skellefteå Kraft Arena includes a regular staff. Additional services are charged separately.

Extra arena staff

500 SEK per hour

Truck with driver

800 SEK per hour

Electrician service according to current hourly rate

Floor covering including laying

SEK 60 000
If the organiser has his own floor, he is responsible for laying it himself.

Wardrobe (max 1 000 hangers) Offer

Container rental

2 500 SEK each

Unloading/parking area at Folkparken

1 000 SEK
Prices are exclusive of VAT.

The organiser is responsible for the hire and assembly of the stage and the positioning and possible numbering of the stalls.

If you need hosts/hostesses for the cloakroom, ticket collectors, setting up and numbering chairs, kiosks, etc., there are several associations that will be happy to help. Contact the stadium manager if you are interested.

As an organiser, you have access to several changing rooms. If you would like furniture in the form of chairs and tables, please contact the stadium manager.

  • Restaurant Rinkside, run by Skellefteå AIK Hockey, can accommodate 150 guests. Adjacent to the restaurant is a 300 sqm foyer area where food can be served.
  • The sports bar located next door can accommodate 300 to 400 people or serve 150 diners.
  • There are also a number of catering companies in and around Skellefteå. For more information contact Skellefteå Tourist Office.

You don't have to go hungry or thirsty in Skellefteå Kraft Arena and its vicinity. The arena itself has both the new Rinkside restaurant, sports bar, gold bar and several kiosks. And across the street you'll find both a restaurant and a pub at Folkparken.

Skellefteå Kraft Arena's Rinkside restaurant is open weekday lunches and match days, for both home and away games. Here you will also find the Sports Bar, the Gold Bar, match lodges and if you want your own restaurant, it can also be arranged for up to 40 people.

On match days, there are several kiosks open where you can find hot dogs, tacos, soft drinks, sweets, coffee, cakes and more.

Across the street in a southerly direction is the Folkparken and McWell pub with seating for about 75 guests and within walking distance, about 2 km, you have Skellefteå city centre and with a large selection of restaurants, bars and pubs.

Rinkside (external website, new window) External link.

Folkparken (external website, new window) External link.

McWell pub (external website, new window) External link.

All event venues under the auspices of the Municipality of Skellefteå are accessible to all. Adapted toilets, lifts, hearing loops are examples of accessibility features. This of course also applies to Skellefteå Kraft Arena where there are also specially designated spectator seats for those with disabilities.

Information/booking of events and reporting on the number of tickets sold
Susanne Andersson
+46 (0)73 035 45 84,

Arena manager
David Jonsson
+46 (0)910 73 53 38,

Information and booking of restaurant/sports bar
Skellefteå AIK Petra AhnOrre
+46 (0)910 79 20 16,

For ticket sales
Skellefteå Turistbyrå,
+46 (0)910-45 25 00 or

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