Study along

You register for our courses in a system called Study along. On this page you will find information on why we do this and a guide on how to register in the system.

Study along is a digital system for cultural and music schools that consists of four parts:

  • Course catalog/registration
  • Learning platform
  • Teaching materials
  • Administration tools

Kulturskolan wants it to be easy to find and register for our courses. We also want to improve and simplify communication between students, teachers and guardians.

As a guardian, you will:

  1. Easily book courses in the school's course catalog.
  2. See information about booked courses, places and teachers.
  3. Be able to confirm and pay the offer of continued education.
  4. Follow your child's education via digital classrooms (iRum).
  5. Communicate with your child's teacher via the digital classroom.

As a student, you will:

  1. Communicate with your teacher and peers via the digital classroom (iRum).
  2. Be empowered in your learning by allowing your teacher to share videos, links, notes, images and other useful information with you.
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