Terms of use and payment for Skellefteå Cultural School "Kulturskolan"

Skellefteå Kulturskola is a municipal, artistic, educational leisure activity where children and young people have the opportunity to learn, practice and experience different artistic expressions.

Skellefteå Kulturskola is for children and young people from 0 years to 19 years or until they have completed their upper secondary education. To take part in the Cultural School's activities, you must be registered in Skellefteå municipality or have at least one guardian who is registered in the municipality.

It is possible to book different combinations of art expressions, e.g. music and theater, theater and film.

A semester course includes at least 11 lessons. Lesson time means regular teaching and the parts of the teaching that take place in the form of digital lessons, joint performances, concerts, plays, workshops, study visits and activities arranged by Skellefteå Kulturskola.

Lessons may be canceled in the absence of regular teachers. Sometimes this is announced well in advance and sometimes it happens the same day, for example in case of illness. Cancelled lessons are announced via StudyAlong iRum. If possible, we assign a substitute when the regular teacher is absent.

The course also includes access to video lessons in certain subjects and other material available in StudyAlong.

Kulturskolan also offers shorter courses and in these cases the course catalog shows how many sessions are included.

Information about the start of the semester, the end of the semester and holidays are announced on the website, via email and social media. In case of any deviations from this, the respective teacher sends out semester information that applies to the group in question.

Information about performances, concerts, etc. will come from each teacher during the semester.

In some semester courses there is the possibility of teaching during sports, Easter and autumn holidays.

Sometimes teachers at the School of Music and Performing Arts need to change schedules and lesson times in order to put together the best possible groups. Most changes are made in the transition from semester to semester.

If a change of time needs to be made after the start of the semester, it is done in dialogue with students and guardians.

The length of the lesson may be changed depending on how many students have signed up. Each lesson is at least 15 minutes long.

It may happen that Kulturskolan have to cancel or change a time for a course. The teacher will notify the student/group and guardians of the change. If you cannot participate, you have the right to cancel the course. If we are forced to change the date of the course and you can no longer participate, you can cancel the course.

The participation sessions are group and/or individual and are adapted as far as possible to the needs and interests of the participants.

Periodically, you may have the opportunity to perform in different forums, if you wish. This can range from open lessons to large concerts or performances. The teacher will ensure that this is done in a way that feels safe and fun.

As a student, you are an important part of the group. Everyone is needed for the music, dance, theater or film and for a pleasant atmosphere. It is important to notify the teacher in case of absence via StudyAlong/iRum or via SMS.

If you play an instrument, it will be much more fun if you practice between lessons - better short and frequent than long and infrequent. Take advantage of the materials and video lessons available on StudyAlong to learn even more.

When participating in concerts, recitals and performances, it is important that you participate actively, prepare and notify any absences as far in advance as possible.

As a student at Kulturskolan, you are welcome to make suggestions and ideas and influence the teaching. The school is happy to receive suggestions for activities to broaden the range of activities. Get in touch with the School by emailing kulturskolan@skelleftea.se.

Everyone should feel welcome at Kulturskolan. There is no place for bullying, racism or abuse.

If this is your first time using StudyAlong, start by creating an account for you and an account for your child/children. Feel free to download the StudyAlong app for both guardians and children to make it easier to keep in touch and take part in video lessons.

You register via StudyAlong External link, opens in new window.. You need BankID to log in.

If your child is already attending a semester course, you will receive an offer to continue each semester. To book the place, you need to go to the guardian account in StudyAlong and confirm.

The teachers and administration at Kulturskolan can help and show you how to use the system, but the actual booking must be made by you as a guardian.

If you or your child has protected identity, you need help with registration and other course administration. Never email sensitive personal data or information concerning protected identity to Kulturskolan. Instead, call Kulturskolan's administration to get help with booking and the like.

Many of the activities at "Kulturskolan" are scheduled in connection with the school day, i.e. before school starts and after school ends. Sometimes, however, the activities take place during school hours, which needs to be approved by the principal at the student's school.

The easiest way to apply for time off for activities at the Culture School during school hours is via our e-service. Please note that the e-service is only available in Swedish.

Apply for leave to attend the Culture School during school hours (Länk till annan webbplats, öppnas i nytt fönster)

StudyAlong is a digital system for music and cultural schools. You can log in to StudyAlong on a computer or via an app (the app has a limited number of features but is constantly evolving). Guardians have their own account and students have their own account.

As a guardian, you can through StudyAlong:

  • Through your guardian account, book courses in the school's course catalog.
  • keep your contact details up to date
  • see information about booked courses, schedules, places and teachers
  • confirm re-registration, i.e. accept an offer to continue next semester through your guardian account.
  • Follow information about classes via digital classrooms (iRum)
  • Communicate with your child's teacher via the digital classroom (iRum).

However, you cannot cancel courses via StudyAlong and must notify the School of Culture administration.

As a student you can through StudyAlong:

  • Communicate with teachers and classmates via digital classrooms (iRum).
  • Learn more by watching group-shared materials and by accessing lots of free video lessons.

As of January 1, 2021, Culture School activities are free of charge. This means that the courses you participate in are free. You can borrow instruments from Kulturskolan free of charge during the first year. After one year, the instrument is returned to Kulturskolan. Violin and cello are always lent until the student has reached full size. If the availability of instruments is good, it may be possible to borrow instruments even after the first year. It is then important to remember that if there are new students starting their first year, the instrument must be returned in favor of new students.

Instrument costs
Playing music requires an instrument and during the first year the student can borrow orchestral instruments from the School of Music and Performing Arts. If the instrument is not available at the School, the teacher can give some advice on purchasing an instrument, but cannot recommend specific brands or sales outlets.

Instruments available to borrow at Kulturskolan

  • Transverse flute
  • Saxophone
  • Oboe
  • Bassoon
  • French horn
  • Baritone
  • Tuba
  • Trumpet
  • Trombone
  • Violin
  • Clarinet
  • Viola
  • Cello
  • Double bass

Instruments you need to provide yourself

  • piano
  • Guitar
  • Drums
  • Recorder
  • Ukulele
  • electric bass

There is no charge for borrowing an instrument from the school. Any wear and tear is repaired by Kulturskolan. Otherwise, repairs are paid for by the student/parent. The borrowed instrument may be covered by the family's home insurance. Contact your insurance company.

Loan contract

  • By accepting the terms of use, you have also signed the loan contract.
  • When the pupil is no longer participating and has withdrawn, or has had the instrument for one year, the instrument must be returned within two weeks.
  • If the instrument is not returned within two weeks, a reminder fee of SEK 350 will be charged.
  • If the instrument is not returned when the payment period of the reminder fee has been reached, the market value of the instrument will be invoiced.

In some music courses you need to obtain music books.

You may also need to purchase accessories such as reeds for saxophone, resin for strings, plectrum and capo for guitar, bass amplifier for electric bass, headphones, strings, drumsticks, music stands.

In courses where students may use materials from Kulturskolan, e.g. theater makeup, fabrics, a cost may be charged at cost price.

Registration for a semester course or short course is binding.

There are various ways to try out different subjects at Kulturskolan, such as buddy weeks, open houses, workshops, short courses and holiday courses where you can meet our teachers and try out a subject for a short time. Keep an eye on the course catalog StudyAlong and on social media.

If you change your mind, you have the right to cancel your place. You do this as a guardian in your guardian account on StudyAlong.

Messages to teachers and/or absences do not count as cancellations.

Enrol me in the school of Culture "Kulturskolan" (Länk till annan webbplats, öppnas i nytt fönster)

Skellefteå Kulturskola is part of Skellefteå municipality and handles personal data in accordance with GDPR and the principle of public access.

In connection with your registration and course booking, you agree that we store and use your information in our business to fulfill the agreement with you and to fulfill our mission (to carry out cultural school activities) which is of general interest.

Kulturskolan sometimes documents the teaching with images and sound and uses this for educational purposes. We do not disseminate anything outside the group without explicit approval from the guardian/pupil.

For performances in public places, for example on outdoor stages, the School of Music and Performing Arts cannot control who else takes photographs or how they disseminate the material.

In the film courses, it is part of the teaching to film and be filmed as a student. We watch the films together in the group and show them to an invited audience on special occasions, but do not disseminate them on email, social media or the like without the explicit consent of the guardian/pupil.

In the first instance, talk to the teacher if something is not working or if there is something you want to change. It is often possible to correct the problem.

Wishes, suggestions and complaints can also be submitted by email.

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