Welcome house in Skellefteå City Hall

We will guide newcomers and potential residents in the right direction and be a natural link to the business community. Welcome to Trädgårdsgatan 6, entrance floor Stadshuset.

A meeting and information point for all newcomers, where you can mingle, work and get answers to all your questions about your new home town.

We want to be a base where all newcomers can turn to with questions for coaching and guidance, but also create the opportunity for community and networking.

We welcome ideas on content for the Welcome House, mark your email with Welcome House:

We invite new citizens continuously through the welcome box, mailings, networks and our digital channels. In this way, you as a company can get the chance to meet new Skellefteå residents who are curious about their new home town.

During the year, we will organize activities together with other partners. For example, work shop, spouse program, matching mingle and theme meetings. Feel free to come up with suggestions and ideas for activities that are suitable for newcomers, we are happy to try them out.

If you want to know more about our planned meetings and how you can contribute and be seen with us in Welcome House. Contact us at


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14 February 2023