As a permanent employee at Skellefteå municipality, you have a secure job and good conditions for a balanced life. But also specific benefits that give you that little extra in everyday life.

Security and balance

With us, you can feel safe at any stage of your life. We offer you a safe everyday life with several possibilities.

1. Secure employment

As a permanent employee in Skellefteå municipality, you have a secure employment with a collective agreement. We have a wide range of activities, which gives you the opportunity to develop with us as an employer.

Kvinna i samtal med människor som sitter i förgrunden

2. Development throughout your employment

You are offered skills development in your professional role throughout your employment. You as an employee are our most important asset, which is why we conduct an annual performance review to ensure that you are developing in the right direction.

Människa ligger i hängmatta i älvsbrinken, med vy över älven, och människor som sitter på brygga.

3. Great vacation

Always have at least 25 days of vacation! When you turn 40, you get 31 days and when you turn 50 you get an extra day. That's just over six weeks of vacation.

En man spelar spel med en pojke vid ett bord. Bakom sitter en flicka

4. Even more holidays

You can apply to exchange your holiday allowance for up to 5 days of paid leave. Once you reach the age of 40, you can exchange an additional day.

Man som står på knä vid en soffa och busar med en ettåring

5. Extra allowance for parents

We offer an additional supplement to the parental insurance that corresponds to 10% of the loss of income for up to 6 months, provided you have been employed for 180 days.

En liten pojke och en kvinna gör high five på en fotbollsplan och i förgrunden syns nätet på ett fotbollsmål.

6. The right work/life balance

You have the right to work full-time and the opportunity to work part-time. Many of our departments also offer flexible working hours.

Your health is important

We encourage exercise and wellness because we know it's important for well-being. We are also there if you become ill and need care and support.

Två personer sitter vid varandra utomhus. Ser på något och ler.

7. Specialized occupational health care

You have access to Kommunhälsan, the municipality's own occupational health service with specialist expertise in work environment and health. Kommunhälsan is an independent resource for all employees and is free of charge for most departments.

Slalomåkare åker utför en slalombacke. Solen skiner mot.

8. Preventive health care

From January 1, 2023, the wellness allowance is increased from 1500 to 3000 SEK each year. You also have free access to the gym in the municipal center.

Ett barn sitter i en mans knä vid ett bord. Mannen håller i en kaffekopp och tillsammans tittar dom på mobilen. Barnet har en gröttallrik framför sig.

9. Security in case of illness

If you fall ill, you will receive an amount equivalent to 10% of your lost wages for a period of time. You are also insured against illness, occupational injury and death.

A lifelong journey

We want to provide the space and flexibility to plan for and try what life has to offer no matter when in life that opportunity occurs.

Tre personer hoppa i en studsmatta, en vuxen och två barn

10. Towards a secure pension

Every year, we contribute to a municipal occupational pension for you. The amount is regulated in agreements between the employer and the trade unions. From 2023, the contribution will also be significantly increased.

Två män i samtal i lätt motljus. De ler.

11. Save a little extra for retirement

You have the option of giving up part of your gross salary and putting it into a pension. Since the tax on pension savings is lower, the amount you put aside for retirement will be higher than what you would have received in salary.

Två kvinnor sitter på en altantrapp och pratar, ler och dricker ur mugg

12. More free time at 60+

From the age of 60, it is possible to work a little less and still receive full pension benefits.

Kvinna ser in i datorskärm i en studio och ser glad ut. Hon har en digital penna i handen och vid sidan om ser man belysningsblixtar

13. Life as a self-employed person

You can take a leave of absence for up to 24 months to try out self-employment.

Kvinna sitter och samtalar med en man på en arbetsplats

14. Support for further studies

If you choose to study further, there is the possibility of study support if you train in the areas of competence that Skellefteå municipality has a particular need for.

The little extra

There is much to discover in Skellefteå, both in terms of culture and nature. The little extra adds a golden edge to life and ensures that everyday exercise is completed.

Fyra personer sitter i ett möte. Två män och en kvinna. Den fjärde syns bara handen. På bordet står en laptop.

15. A staff association that gives more

Join the staff association and take part in health, cultural and fishing activities. It also gives you access to discounts at shops, gyms and other businesses that promote health.

Mtb cyklist längs en skogsstig en varm sommmarkväll

16. Take your bike to work

Cycling to work has never been easier! You are offered a long-term rental of a preferential bicycle against gross salary deductions. After the three-year contract period, you decide whether you want to buy the bike at a favorable price.

En person med ryggsäck sitter på en brygga och tittar mot skogen som är höstfärgad

17. Staff cabin in Krokfors

You are offered the opportunity to rent a staff cottage in Krokfors, located between Tärnaby and Hemavan.

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