Open stage: It starts here!

Are you a creative person who loves culture? Do you have a newly written poem in your drawer? Is there a singer/songwriter inside you who longs to get out? Do you want to perform your self-choreographed dance performance somewhere? Or something completely different? Contact us at the Culture and Library Department, we may have a space for you!

Open stage is an initiative for those who want to take part in the various public stages and spaces of culture. We want to support new and aspiring cultural practitioners, regardless of age, because we believe that it is by testing, practicing and daring that one can get further in their creation. Something both the artist and the environment will enjoy!

Therefore, within the concept "It starts here" we offer a room for you to do your thing. This is mainly the Västerbottensrummet in the library.

The goal is to open up and perhaps connect old with new cultural actors, for an even more exciting and long-term sustainable cultural life in Skellefteå.

What we expect is the ambition. What we wish for is the daring. What we want is to learn more for the future together with you!

It starts here! Are you in?
Contact us at Culture and Library:

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