European elections in Sweden

The European elections take place in Sweden on 9 June 2024. Swedish and EU citizens who are or have been registered resident in Sweden and who attain the age of 18 years no later than on the day of the election are entitled to vote. It is also possible to vote in advance,

Sweden will elect 21 Members of the European Parliament in 2024.

Where can I vote?

As a Swedish or EU citizen voting in Sweden, you usually vote in a polling station in the district where you are included in the electoral roll. The exact location of the relevant polling station is stated on the voting card. People entitled to vote will receive a voting card in the post, approximately three weeks before the elections. Your polling station will appear on your voting card.

You can also vote in advance at a voting location anywhere in Sweden. Advance voting starts 18 days before election day and goes on right up to election day itself.

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