Kanalskolan will become a secondary school

Skellefteå is growing, and so is the number of secondary school students. In order to create a good working environment for students and staff, Kanalskolan will open its doors as a temporary upper secondary school from autumn 2023.

In the next few years, the number of pupils is expected to increase by 300-400 pupils, and by 2030 the increase is expected to be more than 600 pupils.

In order to create the conditions for a good working environment for both students and staff in the upper secondary school, Kanalskolan will function as a temporary upper secondary school from autumn 2023.

- We already see that Skellefteå is growing and we need to create capacity for more students, so that both employees and students have a good working environment, says Erik Burstrand, head of the upper secondary school department in Skellefteå municipality.

Already in the autumn of 2023, the students who will attend and attend the economprogramme, will start at Kanalskolan. This means that the pupils who start year 1 in autumn 2023, and the pupils who currently attend year 1 and 2 at Anderstorp, will attend Kanalskolan in autumn 2023.

A new upper secondary school will be built by 2026

The City Council has decided on the construction of a new upper secondary school, and it will be ready for occupancy in autumn 2026. A plot of land has been reserved (the site previously occupied by Skelleftebuss) for the construction of the new upper secondary school. A business plan for the new school, taking into account the other municipal upper secondary schools, should be ready in the spring of 2023.

- Our original idea was to also relocate the children's and leisure programme. When we did a risk analysis and had a good dialogue with our employees and the trade unions, the decision has landed in moving only the economics programme. However, it also means that more employees will be working at two schools," says Erik Burstrand.

Planning for the Kanalskolan

Teachers and all organisation around pupils will be located at Kanalskolan, as well as a meal function. In the spring of 2023, planning for the interior environment at Kanalskolan will be projected. Planning for the purchase of furniture will take place in 2023.

The cost for the autumn term 2023 will be financed within the Upper Secondary School Board using surplus from 2022. The Upper Secondary School Board requests an increased budget from the City Council from the financial year 2024 onwards.

Where can I find up-to-date information about the Canal School?

On the page skelleftea.se/kanalskolan you will find information about the new school, as well as questions and answers. The information is updated there regularly. The page is in Swedish, use the translate function to read in your preffered language.


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