Skellefteå municipality's vision

Skellefteå - A sustainable place for a better everyday life. That is the municipality's vision.

The vision is the municipality's vision for the future Skellefteå as a place to work and live in. It should give all the municipality's employees a sense of purpose and a shared vision of the future. It is a guiding principle and common direction for all of the municipality's departments and it is simple, clear and timeless.

The vision can be described in this way:

A sustainable place

Skellefteå is a sustainable place that takes responsibility for future generations. There is a drive and willingness to constantly develop and we do so with respect for our environment, our people and our assets. Skellefteå is growing with new skills, companies and industries that secure future jobs and welfare. Our society is inclusive and embraces the differences of all individuals. Together we create an attractive place.

A better everyday life

Skellefteå offers a better everyday life for everyone. Proximity and simplicity make life work. Here the countryside and the city are linked, offering peace, nature, variety and excitement. A strong welfare system and a growing labour market create security, confidence in the future and exciting development opportunities. In Skellefteå, everyone is welcomed into our community where trust, courage and openness go hand in hand.

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