Submit a Skellefteå Proposal

Do you have an idea about how Skellefteå can developed and improve? If so, submit your Skellefteå Proposal to the municipality. This provides you with the opportunity to influence the aspects of life in the municipality that are particularly important to you.

Please note that the e-service is in Swedish.

A Skellefteå Proposal can be about anything the municipality is responsible for and has the power to decide on, such as community planning, traffic planning, schools and health and welfare. Please limit your proposal to a single idea.

Everyone in the municipality can participate and get involved

Anyone with an idea is welcome to submit a Skellefteå Proposal, no matter where they live or how old they are. By submitting a proposal, you help our officials and politicians to gather good ideas and suggestions that can improve the municipality’s services.

Get involved and exert influence!

Do you have a fault report, point of view or complaint?

Broken lampposts, complaints about overflowing trash cans and the like are not a Skellefteå proposal. Submit a fault report here. External link, opens in new window.

If you have an opinion or a complaint about any of the municipality's activities. Submit comments and complaints. External link.

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