Family counselling

Family counselling deals with issues of cohabitation, particularly in intimate relationships. Anyone can find that they have problems with their relationships at various times in life. There may be occasions when you need professional help, whether you live alone, in a couple or are childless, regardless of sexual orientation and where you originally come from.

Our family counsellors are qualified social workers with professional training in psychotherapy and sexology, as well as many years of experience of relationship problems and couples counselling. Most of them are certified family counsellors.

Family counsellors have a duty of confidentiality both in relation to individuals and public authorities. We do not keep records or registers and anyone using the service can choose to remain anonymous.

How can we help you?

You can turn to family counselling for problems such as:

  • communication and understanding;
  • conflicts;
  • intimacy and sexuality;
  • starting a family/stepfamily;
  • becoming a parent;
  • finding your way back to one another;
  • separation and making it as easy as possible for children; or
  • acute crises.

How often will we meet?

We can agree on appointment times and the number of sessions based on what suits you/you and your partner best. Our consulting hours are Monday–Friday, 08:00–17:00.

What does an appointment cost and how can I book an appointment?

Couples/families pay SEK 100 per session.
Individuals pay SEK 50 per session.

No fee will be charged for appointments cancelled at least 24 hours before the scheduled time. An interpreter can be provided on request.

To book an appointment you can telephone or email us.

Our regular telephone times are Monday and Wednesday–Friday 08:30–09:30 and Tuesday 13:00–14:00. At other times you can leave a message on our answering machine and we will get back to you by telephone or email as soon as we are able.

If you are subjected to violence, you can call 020 61 60 60 to book an appointment to speak to the Centre Against Violence.

Contact family counselling

Family counselling

Family counselling

0910 73 61 35

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