Ungdomshälsan (Youth Health)

You are welcome to us if you are between 16–22 years old and are looking for advice and support. We have professional secrecy.

Things we could help with; relationships, school problems, sleep, anxiety, depression, stress, eating disorders, stop smoking/drinking/drugs etc.

We who work at Ungdomshälsan (Youth health) are psychologists and counselor.

We also collaborate with Ungdomsmottagningen (Youth Center) and we share the same contact routes.

At Ungdomsmottagningen (Youth Center) you could get help with; questions about the body, questions about sex and relationships, protection against pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases, pregnancy tests or tests for sexually transmitted diseases and support if you feel mentally unwell.

Those who work there are midwives, psychologists, counselors, dieticians, nurses and doctors and they have professional secrecy.

Contact us

Phone: 090-785 93 08

Email: kundtjanst@skelleftea.se

Address: Storgatan 34, Skellefteå, ground floor.

Webb: 1177.se External link.

App: Ungdomsmottagningen Västerbotten

Opening hour


Drop-in on Wednesdays at 15.00–16.00 (3-4 pm).

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