Information about starting secondary school

Primary school is now finished, and after the summer holidays, an exciting start in upper secondary school awaits. Here we have gathered information and links that are good for you as a guardian to know.

The school places are allocated and finalised at the end of June. All students should have received a password to login to the admission website to see which programme they have been offered a place in.

The admission website: External link.

August 2 is the deadline for replying and accepting the place offer. In August, there will also be reserve lists to the programmes running throughout the month.

FAQ about the school start

At the end of the summer holidays, you will find an FAQ on each school's website about the start of the school year. You will also receive a welcome letter before the autumn term begins.


As a guardian, you need to give consent to borrowing a study laptop, and voluntary drug tests. Please reply to the text message you have received about this.

Laptops to students External link.

Voluntary drug tests in Skellefteå’s upper-secondary schools External link.

Bus pass and travels

Everyone in the age span 16-19 years that lives in Skellefteå Municipality can apply for a free bus pass for travel in their spare time. If your child has a long journey to school, you can apply for a bus pass, a cash travel allowance or boarder allowance.
Free bus pass for travels in the spare time External link.

Travel and accomodation External link.

Reporting absence
Until your child reaches the age of 18, you as guardian are the one who reports if your child is absent due to illness. You report absence in the Edlevo app.

Reporting absence in upper-secondary school External link.

National minorities

Students that belong to any of the five national minorities in Sweden are entitled to tuition in their minority language two hours a week. They also get the chance to study the language as part of their education. The minority languages in Sweden are Finnish, Yiddish, Meänkieli, Romani Chib and Sami.

Tuition in the National minority languages External link.

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