Finnish-language preschool

Skellefteå Municipality offers preschool in Finnish at Norrbacka Preschool, which is located in the Alhem district. The preschool has a bilingual unit staffed by both Swedish and Finnish-speaking educators.

With the aid of play, song, games, conversation and fairy tales in Finnish and Swedish, children are provided with the opportunity to develop their cultural identity and learn both languages in a natural way. Educational activities at Norrbacka Preschool follow the Swedish preschool syllabus Lpfö18.

All children with parents/guardians who consider themselves members of the national minority Swedish Finns, as well as anyone one else who is interested, is welcome to apply for a place at Norrbacka Preschool’s bilingual unit. There is no requirement for the child to have prior knowledge of Finnish, nor that Finnish is the language spoken at home, in order to apply for a place.

For further information about how to apply, please contact the municipality’s Customer Services Desk on 0910 73 50 00.

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