Preschool: what it is and how it works

Preschool is a fun, safe and educative place for children of ages 1-6 years. In preschool, your child gets to explore, p...

Apply for a preschool placement

Children of ages one to six years are welcome to attend any of our 80+ preschools in Skellefteå Municipality.

The summer setup of preschools and after-school centres

During four weeks in the middle of the summer; from July 10th to August 4th, Skellefteå’s preschools and school-age educ...

Preschool fees

This is where you can find information about what a place at preschool or another educational activity will cost you in ...

Finnish-language preschool

Skellefteå Municipality offers preschool in Finnish at Norrbacka Preschool, which is located in the Alhem district. The ...

Universal preschool for 3–5 year olds

Children have the right to universal preschool from the autumn term in the year in which they turn three years old. From...

Unikum and Edlevo ENG

Unikum is the preschool and school's tool for educational documentation and communication with the home.

Family centres: meeting places for families

A family centre is a supportive and social space for families and soon-to-be-parents.

Childcare at atypical hours (nights and weekends)

If you work in evenings, nights, or in the weekends, your child is welcome to any of our childcare centres with special ...


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