Swedish for Immigrants , SFI

Swedish for Immigrants (SFI) is a course for adult migrants with a residence permit who wish to learn the Swedish language.

The e-service is in Swedish.

Swedish for Immigrants (SFI) will teach you the basics of the Swedish language. You will learn to speak, read and write basic Swedish and practice conversational Swedish for use in your day-to-day social and working life. You have the right to combine SFI with a job or work placement. You will be given a grade when you complete the course.

You are entitled to attend SFI in Skellefteå if you:

  • are registered as a resident of Skellefteå Municipality in the Population Register;
  • have a Swedish personal identity number; and
  • lack basic knowledge of the Swedish language.

Study financing

All tuition is free of charge. Attending SFI does not qualify you for a student grant from CSN.

Application, admission and level

Once you have applied to SFI and been admitted, you will be contacted at home to attend an enrolment interview. During the meeting, the interviewer will evaluate how much you have previously studied and how much Swedish you already know. Based on this information, you will be placed in a class at the correct level. There are various ways to study SFI.

Apply to SFI External link. (form in Swedish)

SFI: one course, several paths

There are three paths to studying SFI:

  • Study path 1 is intended for those with very limited schooling.
  • Study path 2 accepts students with some experience of study.
  • Study path 3 is intended for students who are accustomed to studying.

SFI full time

If you are an academic, you can study SFI on a separate path called the Academic Track. The Academic Track is suited to highly motivated students who are keen to quickly enter education and a profession and who have an academic background.

If you are illiterate, you can study full-time in the UFI programme for adult migrants. Students in the UFI programme receive extra information on Swedish society and learn the basics of household economics and mathematics. During the programme, you will discuss Swedish society and the world around us in detail. Learning to use tablets and computers is also an important element of UFI.

SFI distance learning

If you work or are on parental leave, you can study SFI as a distance course.
Distance study means that you will learn Swedish when you have the time with the help of a computer and internet connection. Distance courses offer classes both during the day and in the evenings. The course requires a certain level of computer skills and access to a computer of some kind.

Integrated Language and Vocational Training

Integrated Language and Vocational Training (SY) is aimed at those who have achieved a minimum of level C at SFI.

The programme provides a unique opportunity to combine a vocational education with studying vocational Swedish. You can develop your vocational skills and Swedish at the same time. You will also gain a contact network that makes it easier to find a job.

To obtain a full upper secondary qualification or upper secondary vocational diploma, you will normally need to complete additional courses.


If you have any questions about SFI, please contact the municipality’s Customer Services on 0910 73 50 00 or at vux@skelleftea.se.

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