Slöjdklubben - The crafts club

Are you interested in crafting? At Slöjdklubben you can carve, paint, sew, braid, crochet, bend, pry and make cool things. In Slöjdklubben you meet others with the same interest and you also get to learn more about crafts! Slöjdklubben is aimed at children and young people of school age.

You can sign up for Slöjdklubben allmän - a club where you can try out different woodworking techniques and materials or for Slöjdklubben wood and forging.

In the woodworking club, your imagination can run wild! Maybe it will be a leather drum, a bag with beads or a fun pen stand made of willow twigs, steel wire or a beautiful bracelet.

In Slöjdklubben there are between five and fourteen children and two Slöjdklubbs trained leaders in each group. In Slöjdklubben we like to work with natural materials such as wool, linen and wood, but recycling is also common. Perhaps you tell an exciting story or everyone sings a song while the drum you made is tested. Children naturally experience the connection between crafts, nature and ecology.

Location: Handens hus, Nordanå, Skellefteå.


Register for the Culture School today via the link on the right. Use the e-service below.

Those who where in a craft club the semester before, have priority for places in the same club the following semester.

Insurance and clothing

All children in Skellefteå municipality are insured during their free time. If an accident occurs, it is the parent's responsibility to report the damage to the insurance company.

It is good if the children have clothes they are not afraid to damage, as Slöjdklubben sometimes uses materials and colors that can cause stains or the like. Warm clothes may also be needed for outdoor activities.

Who runs Slöjdklubben?

Slöjdklubben has its origins in Svenska Hemslöjdsföreningarnas Riksförbund, SHR. External link.

Locally in Skellefteå, the Västerbotten County Homecraft Association, Länshemslöjdskonsulenterna and Handens hus/Kulturavdelningen Skellefteå Kommun collaborate.


If you have questions about the club in Skellefteå, contact the handicraft consultant in Skellefteå and Handens hus via the municipality's customer service 0910-73 50 00 or

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