Kulturbanken - the culture bank

At Kulturbanken you will find things to borrow to express creativity, creation or other cultural expressions. Anyone can borrow and it's all free!

Kulturbanken is a local initiative in Skellefteå that gives children and adults the opportunity to try new cultural activities, while contributing to a sustainable society through reuse and recycling.

Kulturbanken makes it possible for visitors or both old and new Skellefte residents to try out the cultural and association life on offer in an easy way. Perhaps you will discover a new hobby.

To see the opening hours of the Kulturbanken och Fritidsbanken, please visit the website fritidsbanken.se/skelleftea External link.

Donate cultural goods

Do you have any cultural items that are no longer in use? Donate it to Kulturbanken and help more people experience the joy of culture.

bild på kulturkrylar som förslag vad man kan lämna in till Kulturbanken

Var kan jag lämna in till Kulturbanken?

Vad kan jag lämna?

Exempel på kulturprylar du kan lämna in kan vara: Musikinstrument, notställ, masker, peruker och annat för lajv och teater, sällskapsspel, pärlor och pärlplattor, utrustning för handarbete eller grejer för pyssel och hantverk, stafflin, penslar, paletter, faktaböcker om konst, film, dans eller annat som inspirerar till skapande och hantverk. Det här är exempel, men vi tar emot det mesta (med vissa undantag som du hittar längre ner) och vem vet vad som kan väcka någon annans kreativitet eller skaparglädje!

Good to know - about our limitations

We only accept items that can be easily transported and are not able to pick up anything. Your items must therefore be handed in by yourself to the designated locations at the recycling centres or to Rondellen secondhand. Unfortunately, we are unable to accept equipment that requires electricity due to the Electrical Safety Act.

Frequently asked questions about Kulturbanken

Everything we have is donated by individuals, organisations and companies. We are recycling and do not buy any equipment ourselves.

What constitutes cultural goods is perhaps not so easy to know. But we think it might be, for example:

Small musical instruments, music stands, masks, wigs and other items for LARP and theatre, board games, beads and bead boards, equipment for needlework or crafts, easels, brushes, palettes, non-fiction books on art, film, dance or other items that inspire creativity and crafts.

Remember, these are just examples. We accept most things (with some exceptions, see next question).

Due to the Electricity Safety Act, we cannot accept items that require electricity. We also cannot accept large and cumbersome gadgets or instruments, such as pianos.

No, unfortunately we are not able to collect items.

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