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Leisure time, the time when you are free from work and school, can be used to pursue different interests, either on one’s own or together with others in an association. There is a strong tradition of citizen involvement in common-interest associations and clubs in Sweden and many are members of one or more associations in their leisure time.

Common-Interest Associations and Clubs in Skellefteå Municipality

In Skellefteå Municipality there is a rich variety of citizen common-interest associations and clubs. There are more than 860 non-profit associations with an extensive and varied focus of interest, such as sports clubs, cultural, theatre, arts and crafts, hunting, music etc


By becoming involved in the associations or clubs you can get to know others with the same interests and make more contacts in the Swedish society. If you are new to the country, membership in an association/club can be a way to make new friends and quickly learn the Swedish language.

How the common-interest associations and clubs work

The democratic structure that characterises non-profit organisations means that the association/club is structured in such a manner that its members will have the possibility to influence the association/club and its activities. An elected governing Board leads the association/club and, together with the members, decides on the association/club’s rules and regulations it operates under (Articles of Association) and activities. Each year the association has an annual meeting, which is the highest decision-making body in the association, where each member has one vote.

A non-profit association is always open to new members who share the association’s principles and goals. There is no obligation for these new members to contribute with a capital contribution. However, a membership fee is commonly required and a participation fees can be charged depending upon the activities that one participates in.


Membership and involvement in an association/club is a voluntary activity, where you support and help out with the association’s various activities without receiving any financial compensation (neither wages or fees for service provided). These tasks may be to help as a coach/ leader, give rides to activities, bake or sell goods to raise money for the association.

Find associations/clubs

With the help of the Association Register you can find an association that suits you. It is possible to find associations in the Association Register in the following ways:

Name - Name of the association
Association category – What kind of association it is, for example Sports Club, Culture Association, Youth Association.
District – The geographical location of the association, such as Centralorten, Boliden or Kåge.
Activities – The acts of the association, such as Football, Art or Social Activities.

For a detailed description of how to search and filter in the Association Register see the film below "How to search the association register".

You can find the association register here:

How to search the association register

How to search the association register

The film is in Swedish but is subtitled with English text.

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