The Bure River is a forest river that begins in the area south of Bastuträsk. During its 70 kilometres, the Bure River flows through several large and beautiful fishing lakes, such as Burträsket, Hjoggböleträsket, Mjövattsträsket, Falmarksträsket and Bodaträsket.

The most common species for sport fishing in the area are pike, pike perch, perch, trout, grayling and bream. The Bure River also has stocks of crayfish. There are not many or very long stretches of river in the Bure River. Several rapids are equipped with hydroelectric power stations that regulate the flow of water. The Bure River is thus a regulated river. The best stretches for stream fishing are in the lower parts of the river. From Lake Bursjön to the estuary. The varied character of the Bure River provides many fine opportunities for sport fishing and outdoor recreation on the lake, river and sea.

Lake Bursjön to Strömsholm

The lakes of the Bure river have a very rare inhabitant in our cold latitudes, the pike. This stock is one of the most northerly in Sweden. By boat you can reach places in Lake Bursjön where the mythical and sometimes elusive pike hides. The Linnaeus Trail follows the river up to Lake Bursjön and on towards Lake Holmsjön. Along the way you will pass fine fishing spots for trout, perch and pike. The floating bridge that crosses the river at the outlet of Lake Bursjön offers the opportunity to fish from both sides. On the southern shore of Holmsjön there is a bird tower.

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  1. Estuary. Pike swim in from the sea at the river's outlet.
  2. Hotvikudden. The area outside Norrfjärden is home to pike, salmon and whitefish.
  3. The estuary. Here, ravenous perch chase small fish.
  4. Tärngrundet, southern tip. A good place for winter fishing for perch.
  5. Fishing harbour. In summer, whitefish are caught on both spinning and fly.
  6. Danielsten. Try to ice fish outside the bath to catch whitefish or grayling.
  7. Tärngrundet, southern tip. The grayling keeps the perch company in the area.
  8. Birch Island. In this area you can catch grayling, whitefish and trout.
  9. Storgrundet. Off the island you can catch sea trout on a spinning rod.
  10. Stor-Skarven. Around the southern tip there are good fishing spots for trout.
  11. Fishing harbour. In the area between the harbour and the pier, salmon thrive.
  12. Norrfjärden. Look for places with a hard bottom and flowing water.
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The sea at the Bay of Bureå

Where the Bure River meets the sea, anglers will find many good fishing spots. There is a smorgasbord of species and places to fish throughout the year. Just before Ytterforsen, the Lillälven turns north and meanders towards Oxviken in Norrfjärden. This lake-like bay is home to the ravenous salmon. The best chance of catching salmon is in winter with jigging. Burebukten offers many good places for winter fishing for perch, whitefish, grayling and trout, among others. The best summer fishing in the area is pike fishing. At the mouth of the river there are many small fish and hunting predators.

  1. Strömsholm. The area is a nursery area for trout.
  2. Kvarnforsen. Trout thrive in the "camping trout".
  3. Kvarnselet. Pike hunt in the backwaters at the foot of the rapids.
  4. The mill race. The harness at the campsite is a pike hot spot.
  5. Centre. This stretch of the river holds plenty of pike.
  6. The outer river. In the deep holes at the foot of the rapids they are lurking.
  7. Strömsholm, lower. Fishing on the north side in the side channel.
  8. The church ford. A good place for grayling.
  9. The church. Perch thrive in the calm water.
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Strömsholm to the sea

Suck it up and enjoy the surroundings. You're standing by the largest rapids in the Bure River, which flows past the historic Strömsholm manor house. The area offers something for everyone. This is where the Linnaeus Trail begins. There you can walk in historical footsteps and explore the exuberant plant and animal life. The varied character of the river offers many places for good sport fishing. Trout, pike, grayling, perch and pike-perch are regularly caught in the area. Fishing is easily accessible and simple in the area.

  1. Holmsjön. At the southern tip of the lake there is a good place for fishing and barbecuing.
  2. Bursjön. Pike thrive among the reeds at the mouth of Lake Burs.
  3. Gäddviken. In the calm backwaters, the pike has a good place to hunt.
  4. Landfors. Spin fishing at the foot of the rapids. There are sea trout here in spring.
  5. Strömsholm, övre. The south side is a challenging fishing spot in spring.
  6. Holmsjön. Many large perch swim in the depths of the calm lake.
  7. Bursjön. At the southern tip of the cape, perch can be caught on jigging rods.
  8. Grillstugan. Large perch are often found in the deep holes at the foot of Landfors.
  9. Bursjön. The walleye is in Bursjön. The best chance of catching fish is from a boat, which can be hired from the fishing area.
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