Brännvattnets nature trails

Welcome to Brännvattnet, located about 23 km northwest of Burträsk. The trail consists of several hundred years old paths that are still used today for those who want to go out and hike.

Length: 8 km
Distance: Risåkläppen - Brännvattnet (circular loop)
Start: Risåkläppen but you can also start in Brännvattnet.
Go to the map of hiking trails in Skellefteå municipality and choose the starting point that suits you best (see route on the map).

Description: Old road to Åheden that continues to Brännvattnet. The route passes through varied terrain that can offer great nature experiences.

Good to know: The association house found in Risåkläppen is a barrack that was put up by Robertsfors Bruk, after two large residential houses burned to the ground, and a family became homeless. This later became a chapel after a new house was built in 1952.

Attractions: old settlement in Åheden from the mid-19th century.
At most 20 people lived in the village. Today only a small island cottage remains. It may be the first house built there. Then there are several house foundations that show where the settlement was.

More sights along the Brännvattnet nature trails:

  • Old tar valley
  • Barbecue area with a shelter and an outhouse.
  • Bathing beach with barbecue area
  • There is also the possibility of fishing.

Responsible for the trail: Brännvattnet's village and fishing association

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