Hiking trails and walks

A good way to keep fit and nourish your soul is to walk and hike. The easiest way is, of course, to start from your own home and explore the surroundings. But Skellefteå municipality also has many fine hiking and walking trails to offer. Even in winter!

The right of public access

Nature is open and accessible to all. This means that you are allowed to be in nature if you show consideration and do not disturb or destroy it.

Many of us spend time in nature, so please take care of each other and nature!

Hiking trails in Skellefteå

Hiking trails in Skellefteå

Tips for your hike

Before setting off on a long hike, make sure you have broken in your shoes properly. Also, make sure you have the fluids and food you'll need along the way.

Stopping for an outdoor snack is a big part of the enjoyment of hiking. Along the trails there are many shelters and suitable rest areas for this.

Have a nice hike!

Want to keep track of where you are on the trail?

Use our mobile map service. When you open the link, you will be taken to a map (Hiking trails Skellefteå) that shows the hiking trails that are marketed in the municipality. When you click on the compass symbol, the map zooms in to where you are right now. Then you will hopefully have the current trail in the background on your mobile. The map also shows nearby rest stops and more.

Download hiking flyer

Here you can download hiking flyers both in English and in Swedish.

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