The trail is 10 kilometres long. Start at Kolviken in Furuögrund, then Svartnäsudden and southern Ytterstfors over the Lax bridge, and then finish at Byske Havsbad.

Length: 10 kilometres
Kolviken, Furuögrund - Byske Havsbad
at Kolviken, south of Furuögrund or Byske

Description: The Furuögrund trail runs through a scenic area along the coast. It runs over hilly terrain with a few short steeper sections.

Good to know: Along the trail there are a number of rest stops and shelters and it is a track so you can get around.
There are shelters and shelters. During the summer there is a café at the marina in Furuögrund which is also an alternative start on the trail.
Sights: the 1914 mareograph, which is manually. It is located north of the summer café.

Responsible for the trail: Furuögrund's interest group and
Ytterstfors village association.

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