The Grytsund Trail starts in the village of Boviken, follows the existing path to Bjässviken, continues along the road to Grytsundet and then the existing road to the village of Boviken. Extra nice sections are the part between Boviken village and Bjässviken, where the trail goes over a hill with a nice view of the area.

Another spectacular part is the bridged section across Grytsundet with lots of fish that may splash when you walk and lots of seabirds.

Length: 9 kilometres
Distance: Boviken - Bjässviknäset - Kågön - Boviken
Start: you can choose to start at the boat harbour, Stolsviken or at the turntable Bjässvikholmen, Bjässviken.

Description: A scenic hiking trail that goes through varied forest terrain, on a road, over a 230-metre track across Grytsundet and in some parts close to the sea.

Good to know: At extremely high water it is difficult to walk crossing the footbridge without getting wet. You can choose to walk shorter distances if you wish.

Attractions: Along the trail you will find local history, events and places described on information boards.
You can read about land boundaries and shorelines, among other things from around the 16th century, Skellefteå's oldest document from 1672 and hemp/flax processing from the early 20th century.

Responsible for the trails: Boviksöns Hembygdsförening and the associations in Boviken, Bjässviken and Orrholmen.

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