In Kalvträsk there are many opportunities for outdoor activities of various kinds, including hiking in beautiful and hilly forest surroundings. There are eight hiking trails starting at Kalvträsk Wilderness Camp.

Length: About 50 kilometers in total.
Route: In the vicinity of Kalvträsk.
Start: The trails start at Kalvträsk Vildmarkscamp.

Description: The trails go over hills, streams and rivers, through forests and marshes with a view of Avaberg with a beautiful view of the lakes Holmträsket and Vitträsket.

Good to know: The main trail is structured so that you can walk shorter loops if you wish, ranging from two kilometers to one mile. There is also a shorter stretch along the lake Kalvträsket that is adapted for people with disabilities or strollers. In the village of Avaberg there is a boathouse,
shelter and fireplace.

Sights: Björngrottan at Vitträsket, the old fire tower at fire tower on Vitberget (now a lookout tower), Vitbergens nature reserve.

Responsible for the trails: Kalvträskgruppen

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