Kraftleden is 18 kilometres long and runs between Vitberget and Skelleftehamn. The trail is well marked and offers a variety of environments and landscapes. The trail runs through mixed woodland, past bogs and rocky outcrops. There are also a number of rest areas with shelters along the trail.

Length: 18 kilometers.
Route: Skellefteå - Skelleftehamn.
Start: The parking lot at the start of Vitberget's electric light trail or at the switchboard at the end of Blåsaregatan, Skelleftehamn.

Description: The trail goes through mixed forest, past marshes and rocky outcrops.

Good to know: Along the trail there are a number of rest areas with windshelters.

Attractions: Here you will find, among other things, a charcoal hut and coal bunker, cairns, memorial stones, old kilometer and

Responsible for the trail: Bergsbyn sports club

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