The old Kyrkstigen trail has existed for hundreds of years, running between Landskyrkan in Skellefteå to Burträsk. Even today, the trail can be used by anyone who wants to go hiking.

The trail runs along the road from Landskyrkan via Falkträsket and the two miles to Ragvaldsträsk. From there you can choose to walk, cycle or travel in another way along the beautiful parish road from 1781 to Burträsk.

Length: 40 kilometres.
Distance: Skellefteå - Burträsk.
Start: you can choose to start at Skellefteå parish church, Burträsk church or in one of the villages where the trail passes. Go to the website and choose the one that suits you best.

Description: the old route between the churches
through varied countryside and provides good opportunities
for nature experiences.

Good to know: Rest areas with timbered shelters and benches are available along the trail. If you want to spend the night, there is the timbered mowing shed "Krypladan" near the junction of Kyrkstigen/Brännvattsvägen. During the summer there is a café in Renbergsvattnet.

Places of interest: the well of health in Burträsk, Wilhelm Peterson-Bergers childhood home in Åbyn-Burträsk and the Lejonströmsbron bridge in Skellefteå. You can also visit the churches.

Responsible for the trail: the association Kyrkstigen

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