In the past, the Nasaleden trail measured 40 kilometres and went from Skellefteå all the way up to Nasafjäll. Today the trail starts in Forsbacka (Krångfors) and goes up to Glommersträsk. The trail runs through varied terrain through beautiful scenery.

You can also continue hiking from Glommersträsk to Avaviken in the municipality of Arvidsjaur (Nasaleden Arvidsjaurs kommun, new window) External link, opens in new window.

Length: 82 kilometers with eight sections.
Route: Forsbacka - Glommersträsk.
Start: At Forsbacka, Glommersträsk or at one of the sections, see map and information on the web.

Description: The trail invites you to hike in varied terrain and nature and goes through many cozy little villages. The total height difference is 250 meters.

Good to know: There are several rest areas along the trail, some equipped with benches and tables, barbecue areas and shelters. Accommodation is available in some of the villages.

Attractions: Including the orchid Nornan, Skidträskå Bridge, Lill-Järven's ski museum in Granbergsträsk and the Kavel bridges around Pottcreek.

Responsible for the trail: Nasaledens intresseförening, Skellefteådelen.

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