Winter walking in Skellefteå

Winter walking in the city of Skellefteå. By winter walking we mean walking trails that are prepared by snowmobile and sled.
They are not sanded so be careful when you are out walking. Please wear shoes with studs under the soles.

You can also look for the snowmobile trails in your vicinity. This is a possibility that is supported by the snowmobile clubs operating in our municipality. Of course, you have to pay extra attention to these trails.

Winter promenade - Vitberget area

This forest trail is located in the western part of the Vitberget area and is about 4 kilometres long. You can also walk a shorter distance of about 1.5 km. The trail is also suitable for those who want to walk with poles or walk with their dog.

Illuminated dog walk - Sjungande dalen

Part of the Sjungande dalens illuminated trail was converted into a walking trail for dogs to be used during the winter as well. Here you can go for a winter walk with your four-legged friend in a beautiful natural environment. The distance is 1.3 km.
Drive on to Orkestervägen. After about 500 m, turn right and enter a small parking lot.

Västra Älvsrundan - Prästbordet/Sunnanå

The area between Mobackendammen and Lejonströmsbron. South and north side of Skellefteå River. 5 km.
Take you to the parking lot on the north or south side of the Lejonströmsbron, then just start walking along the nice walking path along the Skellefteå river.

Responsible for these three winter hiking trails is the Culture and Leisure Office.

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