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We have facilities for many different activities and can be booked by anyone, whether you are an association, company or private individual.

There are about 50 sports halls in the municipality. The size of the halls varies from a full-size match arena with stands, a regular school sports hall, a wrestling hall to a dance hall. We also have facilities for various activities such as events, meetings, concerts, celebrations and overnight stays. When you rent a room, you are obliged to take note of the general rules of order.

There are also a number of sports halls available for direct booking, you pay by card and receive a pin code via email and text message once booking and payment is complete.

Here you will find the terms and conditions for booking a room

To book single sessions, you can choose to e-book with direct payment.
You can e-book one month in advance. For full size halls, you need to book 5 days ahead. If the hall you are looking for is not listed, you can contact customer service or search for a hall yourself and send a booking request for the hall you wish to rent. Booking requests are processed manually on weekdays during office hours and you will receive an approval or rejection by e-mail.

If you wish to book for a longer period, for example for the whole season, you should apply via Interbook GO.
Subject to availability, you can also book slots once the season has started.

We have nine full-size halls that are match venues and these are not possible to schedule on weekends. Subject to availability, individual times can be booked on the weekend of the current week.

We have access to a number of classrooms for cups and camps. These can only be rented by associations. Reservations must be made at least two weeks in advance. Bookings during the summer holidays must be made no later than 15/5. Bookings during the Christmas holidays must be made no later than 15/12.

We do not provide premises for parties and discos.

If you are looking for premises for events and functions, you can find more information here. Go to the event booking page

Here you will find a list of all community centres in Skellefteå municipality. You can contact the contact person at each venue for booking and other questions.

List of all meeting places

In many of our schools, classrooms or theory rooms are available for hire for training.
When it comes to booking a home economics room, these rooms can only be booked by study associations.
Bookings in a home economics room must be made at least two weeks before the appointed date. The home study rooms are closed for bookings on 1 December - until school starts and 15 May - until school starts.

Here you will find prices for premises and facilities.

If you discover any defect in any of our facilities, you can report it to the facility technician.

Need help booking a hall or facility?
Send an email to or call 0910- 73 50 00

Good to know about bookings

  • The school is the first tenant of most premises on weekdays at
    08-16. During the days and weeks of the school holidays you have the possibility to book also during the day
  • The indoor season starts around week 35 and runs until week 21. During June, July and August we have a limited number of halls open
  • The key/card for the halls can be collected at the customer service (City Hall) weekdays between 08.00-17.00 (different opening hours on holidays), unless otherwise stated on the booking confirmation
  • Passes cost 50 SEK each
  • Associations buy their cards, private individuals can also buy cards instead of PIN codes
  • Keys must be returned as soon as possible after booking
  • No possibility to cancel already paid booking
  • If there are problems with access, please call the emergency phone +46 (0) 910 - 108 03
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