Think of it as a library but with sports, leisure and outdoor equipment. Fritidsbanken collects items that are no longer in use and lends them out free of charge for up to 14 days.

Fritidsbanken gives children and adults the opportunity to try new activities, while contributing to a sustainable society through the reuse of equipment. This enables visitors or both old and new residents to try out the range of clubs and associations in an easy way. Perhaps you will discover a new hobby.

At Fritidsbanken, you can borrow equipment for an active leisure time, such as skis, skates, inline skates, life jackets, tents, balls of various kinds, clubs, fishing rods, football shoes, helmets, backpacker kitchens, sleeping mats and much more. The loan period is up to 14 days and completely free!

To see Fritidsbanken's opening hours and search their stock balance, you can go to the website External link.

Donate equipment to Fritidsbanken

Do you have equipment that is just sitting in a storage room or garage taking up space and is no longer being used? Donate what you no longer use to the Leisure Bank and more people will benefit.

In this way, more people, both children and adults, can have an easily accessible leisure time and we also contribute to a sustainable society through reuse!

You can submit your contribution here:

What can I donate to the Fritidsbanken?
Examples of sports and outdoor equipment that you can return are: skis, skates, inlines, life jackets, tents, balls of various kinds, clubs, rockets of various kinds, fishing rods, football boots, helmets, backpack kitchens, sleeping mats and much more.

When can I donate the equipment?
You can hand in your equipment during the opening hours of the recycling centre and Rondellen second-hand, see the opening hours of the respective recycling centres further up the page under the heading "Here you can hand in your contribution".

About Fritidsbanken

Fritidsbanken is a non-profit initiative that operates without commercial interests. Its activities are based on local and long-term commitment and since 2013 it has been established in a large number of locations throughout the country. By using and lending everything from bicycles and footballs to skis and hockey pads, Fritidsbanken promotes increased spontaneous sport, health and well-being. The Leisure Bank also contributes to a more sustainable society by investing in smart recycling.

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