About the school

We give children and young people the opportunity to learn, practice and experience cultural expression!

The school of culture "Kulturskolan" in Skellefteå offers a wide range of courses with learning at different levels, in many aesthetic subjects. As a student at Kulturskolan, you are welcome to come up with suggestions and ideas to influence the teaching and to broaden the offer. Our target group is children from 0-19 years, or until one has completed high school, and our activities are divided into two parts:

Culture in school gives all children in Skellefteå municipality the opportunity to work with aesthetic expressions during school hours It is part of the school's regular timetable and reaches all children and students from preschool to high school.

The voluntary part gives children and young people an opportunity for a rich leisure life through our range of courses and activities with different aesthetic expressions. You can find out more about these courses under the heading "Offers and courses".

The mission of the School of Culture:

  • Give children and young people the opportunity to learn, practice and experience cultural expressions primarily in groups.
  • Apply a pedagogy that is based on research and the children's own
    own experiences, conditions and interests.
  • Give children and young people good conditions to influence the range, design and content.
  • Actively work to ensure that the municipality's children and young people are aware of the cultural school and are given an equal opportunity to participate in its activities.
  • Collaborate with school units.
  • Be visible in Skellefteå's cultural life and collaborate with other
    cultural actors and study associations.

Questions and answers

You can register here:

Enrol me in the school of Culture "Kulturskolan" (Länk till annan webbplats, öppnas i nytt fönster)

Kulturskolan has a few different types of instruments to lend during the first year of your course with us. Talk to your teacher.

The parent logs in to Study Along, goes to the relevant course and clicks on the "End course participation" button.

You notify your teacher via Study Along or by text message if you have the teacher's mobile phone number.

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