Home Care Services

Social services can provide assistance to allow you to remain living in your own home. Home Care Services can help you with tasks that you are unable to manage alone, such as personal hygiene. The home care coordinator plans care and the tasks are then performed by nursing assistants and care assistants.

The municipality decides whether you qualify for home care services. To apply for assistance, contact the decision-making unit at the Department for Health and Welfare via the municipality’s Customer Services. Together with you – and, if you want, your family – we will assess what kind of support you need.

Please note that the e-service is in Swedish.

It would be a good idea if you could consider in advance which tasks you can no longer manage.
The kind of things we will make a decision on are whether you need:

  • help to dress and undress in the mornings and evenings;
  • help to maintain personal hygiene, such as washing, shaving, showering and brushing your teeth;
  • help to get about at home;
  • help to clean, make the bed, do washing and dispose of rubbish;
  • help to prepare and eat meals;
  • help to go out for a walk, pursue various activities or visit some social context. Social Services can also support you by accompanying you on errands if you have a disability that is not covered by the Swedish Act concerning Support and Service for Persons with Certain Functional Impairments (SFS 1993:387);
  • night-time welfare checks, if you need help and support during the night;
  • if you have health concerns, Home Care Services can telephone at a predetermined time each day to ask how you are feeling;
  • a personal welfare alarm so that you can alert staff around the clock if you need help in an emergency;
  • a personal welfare camera installed in your home, so that staff can monitor your wellbeing remotely as a complement to physical visits;
  • a meals service, so that you can eat at a local nursing home or school, or have groceries delivered from a supermarket, or meals delivered to your home.

Below is a list of Home Care Services offices in Skellefteå Municipality.


Ringen 74
936 31 Boliden


930 55 Jörn

Bureå, Burträsk and Lövånger


Prästgårdsvägen 10 B
930 10 Lövånger


Home Care Services South and Home Care Services North
Torparen, Norra Ågatan 1
930 15 Bureå

Burträsk, Southwest:
Central Burträsk east of Kamvägen, Bodbysund, Lappvattnet, Mjödvattnet, Renbergsvattnet.
Burträskgårdarna, Björnåkersgatan 16
937 31 Burträsk

Bygdsiljum including the Kalvträsk area

Burträsk, Northeast:
Central Burträsk west of Kamvägen, Åbyn, Brännbergsliden, Innansjön.
Burträskgårdarna, Björnåkersgatan 16
937 31 Burträsk

East 1 south of lower Åbyn

Ljusvattnet including Skråmträsk

City centre and surrounding villages


Norrhammargatan 1
931 40 Skellefteå

Prästbordet from Klockarbergsvägen, Degerbyn, Mobacken, Medle, Myckle

Klintforsen East
Prästbordet, Degerbyn, Medlefors
Uppfinnarvägen 52
931 42 Skellefteå

Klintforsen West
Mobacken, Medle och Myckle
Uppfinnarvägen 52
931 42 Skellefteå

Sjungande Dalen

Dirigentvägen 56
931 46 Skellefteå

Morö Backe

Home Care Services Lyckan and Home Care Services Stacken
Stackgatan 2 D
931 50 Skellefteå


Maskinvägen 14
931 37 Skellefteå

City centre west

from Trädgårdsgatan odd numbers to Tjärhovsgatan
Köpmangatan 4
931 31 Skellefteå


from Tjärhovsgatan–Klockarbergsvägen, lower Norrböle (Högalidsgatan to parts of Hägglundsgatan and towards the E4)
Köpmangatan 4
931 31 Skellefteå

City centre

Trädgårdsgatan even numbers, Torget 4,6, Hörnellgatan to the E4
Köpmangatan 4
931 31 Skellefteå

Älvsbacka, Bergsbyn

Ö Nygatan 83
931 34 Skellefteå

Anderstorp district

Anderstorp Home Care Services, Centrumhuset teams 1-3, Innervik, teams 4-5
Anderstorg 14
931 57 Skellefteå

Sunnanå, Lund, Klutmark, Skråmträsk

Karlgårdsleden 10
931 63 Skellefteå

Sörböle, Ragvaldsträsk, Kroksjön, Gärdsmark, Gummark, Långviken, Bodan

Karlgårdsleden 10
931 63 Skellefteå

Kåge and Byske

Kåge North and Kåge South
Nygatan 13
934 31 Kåge

Övre Kågedalen
Gustavsvägen 30
934 41 Ersmark

Byske North and Byske South
Ringvägen 4
930 47 Byske

Fällforsvägen 36 A
930 47 Byske

Contact Home Care Services

You can reach Home Care Services in your district on the telephone number we have given you. You can also call Customer Services on 0910-73 50 00, press 1.

If you have a personal welfare alarm installed, you can summon help from Home Care Services staff around the clock.

Do you need to amend your home insurance?

Do you need to amend your home insurance?

Some insurance companies recommend that you supplement your home insurance if other people have keys to your home. When you are issued with a personal welfare alarm or move to a nursing home, you may therefore need to change your home insurance so that you are fully covered.

Health and Social Care will recommend that you contact your insurance company and ask them if you need additional cover as you receive home care and/or you have been issued with a personal welfare alarm, and have therefore provided Home Care Services with a key.

Why do I need to check my home insurance policy?

It has emerged that some individuals have been refused reimbursement from their home insurance when reporting a loss. The insurance company has referred to what they call “open theft”. By this, they mean a situation in which someone has provided a key to someone such as a neighbour, tradesman, or Home Care Services.

Your key is safe with us

To make sure you feel secure with us, all of our staff wear clearly visible name badges and municipality ID.

The key you provide us with is stored in a key safe mounted on or beside your front door. Safety chains or safety locks must not be used. Home Care Services staff, and any home nursing staff, have a key to the safe. All key safes are approved by national crime prevention organisation Stöldskyddsföreningen and are fire-rated and approved by all Swedish insurance companies.

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