Newly arrived schoolchildren

On this page you can find information on the reception Skellefteå Municipality provides for newly arrived schoolchildren.

All new pupils in the ages from preschool to year 9 arriving in Skellefteå Municipality must be registered with Central Admissions.

After registration, the pupil and their parents will be invited to a welcome meeting.

If your child is under 6 years of age, you should contact Customer Services on 0910 73 50 00.

For our purposes, newly arrived pupils refers to any child who has been living abroad and is now living in Sweden or can be considered to be living here and has started her or his education here after the autumn term in which she or he turns seven years of age. A pupil who has already attended a minimum of four years of school in Sweden is no longer considered a new arrival.

Please note that newly arrived pupils of preschool class age (the autumn term of the year they turn six years) shall also be registered via this link. The e-service is in Swedish.

Problems with registration or other questions

Please contact Customer Services on 0910 73 50 00 or email

Arrivals is a reception unit based in Sjungande Dalen School, which receives new pupils in years 5 to 9.

During an eight-week introductory period, the pupils needs are mapped using the Swedish National Agency for Education’s Stage 1 and Stage 2 material. During this mapping period, pupils are primarily taught Swedish and mathematics based on the Arrivals model. They also receive basic information about the Swedish school system. After mapping, Arrivals will hand the pupil over to their new home school.

Pupils in years 1 to 4 begin immediately at their home school and their needs are mapped there.

Our goal is to develop the Centre of Excellence for Linguistic Diversity into a knowledge hub for the entire municipality, where we can exchange experiences and benefit from one another’s competences in the field of newly arrived children and pupils. In order to ascertain relevant questions and concerns, network meetings are offered for various staff categories.

The Centre of Excellence for Linguistic Diversity also has a showroom where staff can book an appointment for themselves or their team to come and see what we can offer, discuss pedagogical issues and share their own ideas.

The rights of newly arrived children and pupils and obligations of the municipality:

  • All children and young people have the right to an education regardless of their background.
  • Children and young people who are seeking asylum have the same right to attend preschool, leisure-time centre and primary and secondary school as children residing in Sweden (Swedish Education Ordinance (SFS 2011:185) Chapter 4 Section 1).
  • Children in preschool with a mother tongue other than Swedish have the right to develop both their mother tongue and Swedish (Swedish Education Act (SFS 2010:800) Chapter 8 Section 10).
  • Children and young people in primary and lower-secondary school have the right to mother tongue tuition (Education Act Chapter 10 Section 7 and Education Ordinance Chapter 5 Section 10).
  • In addition to mother tongue tuition, pupils have the right to study supervision in their mother tongue if they need it (Education Ordinance Chapter 5 Section 4).
  • Pupils have the right to study Swedish as a second language
    (Education Ordinance Chapter 5 Section 14).

Swedish Education Ordinance External link.

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