Apply for pre-school and school for newly arrived children and pupils

All children and young people of school age have the right to education. If you have moved to Sweden from another country, you will need to make an application for a school for you or your children.

School for children aged 1-15

There are two different types of schools for children aged 1-15.

  • Pre-school (For children aged 1-5)
  • Primary school grades F-9 (applies to children aged 6-15)

If your child is aged 1-5 and you want to apply for a place in a preschool or after-school care, you need to apply for that too. Information on where to find these applications can be found under the heading "How to apply".

School for students between 16-19 years old

Once a notification of a newly arrived student has been submitted, children and young people over the age of 16 will be offered a place at Baldergymnasiet in Skellefteå (upper secondary school).

How to apply

The notification is submitted via an online service. The form is different depending on the age of the child or children. When you are in the e-service, you can click on the age that applies to the child.

All children aged 1-15 years can be included in the same notification. If you are registering both children under 15 and children over 16, you need to submit separate notifications.

All children over the age of 16 need to be registered in separate notifications. The reason for this is to ensure that the report is sent to the right person.

The application can be completed by an adult close to the child, such as a guardian, relative or staff of another authority.

If the person concerned is over 18 years old, they can fill in the application themselves.

Your application is sent directly to an administrator who will contact you and help you further.

If the child is going to primary school, he or she will be placed in the school closest to the residential address indicated in the application, that has space.

If you want to apply for a specific school, for example if you are looking for accommodation in a particular area, you can submit a school choice form. Read more here.

If the child/young person is between 6-19 years old

The child/young person between 6-19 years old will automatically receive a place in primary or secondary school once the application has been submitted.

If the child is 1-5 years old

If the child is 1-5 years old, you need to make a separate application for a preschool place if you want the child to attend preschool. Read more here.

If you want your child to attend an after-school club, you must make a separate application for a place in an after-school club. Read more here.

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